This Guided Meditation For Tinder Dates Will Ease You Into The Inevitable Awkward Sauce — VIDEO

So you have a match on Tinder — Yay for you! —but now you’re facing the awkwardness of going on a date with someone you’ve never met. First dates are anxiety-inducing for even the most confidence online daters, but, luckily, Mashable has gifted us with this guided meditation for Tinder dates. Parodying YouTube’s many guided meditation videos (which inevitably feature calm voices, deep breathing exercises, and slow-moving images of starry skies and rolling waves), this video takes a reflective approach to the awkwardness (and sometimes awfulness) of online dating. The narrator soothingly urges listeners to breathe deeply and relax: “Breathe in confidence, breathe out conversation topics.” Aaaaah.

It’s easy to swipe right on a photo of an anonymous stranger, but it’s a much harder thing to move on to interacting with someone in the real world. What if your so-called “match” is actually awful? What if he or she thinks you’re awful? What if you have nothing to talk about? What if your match is really a serial killer? This video’s meditation guide assures us that it’ll all be OK. After all, “You’ve matched with the universe”! And if your date ends up looking nothing like his or her photo, that’s OK — because you probably don’t look much like yours either.

The narrator maintains her soothing façade until she’s forced to address a new situation: How do you keep your calm when you date cancels at the last minute? Will she be able to approach it philosophically, or will she be struck down by the thought of binge-watching Netflix with only her cat for company for the rest of her life?

Watch the video below to find out. The lesson? It’s a struggle out there.

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