9 Portable Gadgets To Cool You Down This Summer

It might seem like just last week Mother Nature was unloading cold, damp snow all over your car, but that’s only because (in places like New York) she was. No matter. Spring is finally (hopefully, please, holy mother of Gordon Ramsay, I beg of you) upon us, and soon we’ll be desperately searching for easy and convenient ways to cool down in the heat when the temperatures become unbearable.

It’s all well and good when you’re at home under the breeze of your air conditioner, wearing your thinnest cotton pajamas and sleeping on your squishy cooling pillow. But what about when you’re speed-walking from the train station to work in 85-degree weather in the middle of the city? Or when you’re at a barbeque in the park, all the awnings were taken, and no one remembered to bring a sun umbrella? If you’re looking forward to the beach days and the outdoor concerts, but not so much to the whole sweating-through-your-clothes thing, no worries: There are portable options. Here’s a list of the coolest and most effective gadgets out there for overcoming the heat, minimizing the sweat, and finding your happy place, even in the midst of a heatwave.

Use Your Phone's Power To Stay Cool

So Much Fan Portable USB Fan, $12 (4 Fans), Amazon

This portable USB fan plugs right into the side of your phone, laptop, or tablet to deliver a cooling breeze right to your face, wherever you happen to be. Its motor runs quietly and efficiently off the energy from your device, and despite its small and convenient size, it’s a lot more powerful than it looks. It works for both Apple devices and Android and can run up to five hours on one battery charge. Each pack of four fans comes with a pink, green, blue, and black mini fan.

Upgrade Your Water Bottle To One That Mists

Arctic Squeeze Mist ‘N Sip Water Bottle, $13, Amazon

For continuous hydration and a refreshing mist, this Arctic Squeeze water bottle is a great gadget for any hike or beach trip. It has a double-insulated wall to keep water cold as long as possible, as well as a misting trigger to deliver a cooling cloud of water to your face or body. The bottle itself is durable, easy to grip, and won’t form condensation, and reviewers say it’s an awesome and portable way to stay cool and hydrated all summer long.

Chill Out With AC Anywhere

WoneNice Portable Small Fan & Mini Air-Conditioner, $12, Amazon

This handheld air conditioner can be used as a fan you carry around when you need instant relief on the go or as a more permanent desk fan (but one you can still easily transport to another room). Either way, it delivers a perfectly silent cool breeze with a 90-degree vertical airflow. Pop in four AA batteries or let it run via USB power from your computer or phone. You can even choose among three colors: blue, pink, or gray.

Cool Down With A Near-Freezing Towel

Frogg Toggs Cooling Towel, $8, Amazon

In addition to being reusable and compact, this cooling towel needs only to be run under water for a minute, and its tech-savvy material prompts near-freezing evaporation for hours — keeping you cool and refreshed. You can wear it around your neck or use it to wipe away sweat, and because it comes in an easy traveling tube to keeps it cool until use, you can bring it anywhere with you. It’s easy to keep clean because it’s durable and machine-washable, and users say they’re astounded by how cold this thing gets.

Get A Breeze And A Misting Simultaneously

Mini Misting Rechargeable Fan, $20, Amazon

A must-have when traveling on hot, dry days, this mini misting fan is portable, lightweight, and convenient. It delivers a steady stream of cool air, as well as a refreshing but subtle burst of water, and its three settings mean you can use just the fan, the mist, or both simultaneously. It’s easily rechargeable with a USB cord, and because it’s surprisingly powerful and lasts up to seven hours on one charge, it’ll be a staple in your beach bag — or on your desk — this summer.

Chill Any Drink Without Diluting It

Whiskey Stones, $19, Amazon

Nothing hits the spot quite like an iced coffee or a cold water bottle on a hot summer day, but half an hour in a boiling car turns your drink lukewarm in no time. These sleekly designed whiskey stones chill your drink faster and longer than regular ice-cubes, and if you’re drinking tea or coffee, they won’t dilute it, either. They’re made from naturally anti-bacterial stainless steel, and because they’re small and easy to freeze in their storage tray, they’re a convenient way to keep any beverage cold for hours.

Cool Your Pulse Points

Mission Enduracool Wristband, $13, Amazon

For sports or hikes, these Mission Enduracool wristbands deliver two hours of hands-free cooling sensations to your wrists (a great spot to target because placing a cold source against your pulse points instantly cools you down). All you have to do is dip them in water, and wring them out to activate them. Because they’re chemical-free, lightweight, and provide protection from the sun, you’ll never again want to pack a travel bag without them.

Make Your Own Shade Anywhere

Versa-Brella All Position Sun Umbrella, $20, Amazon

For perpetual shade wherever you go, this versatile sun umbrella is a convenient way to cool down anywhere. It swivels in four different directions to block out the sun from any angle, and its universal clamp attaches to most surfaces, like chairs, picnic tables, or push-carts. It’s also got a sun-protective liner to block out UV rays, and because it’s lightweight, folds easily, and comes with a carry bag, it’s super easy to transport anywhere.

Elegantly Fan Yourself With Sandalwood

Sandalwood Scented Fan, $10, Amazon

If you’re looking for something subtle, elegant, and sans-motor to keep in your bag (perhaps for an outdoor wedding), these sandalwood scented fans would be it. They’re lightweight and ornately carved, and because they’re made from all-natural wood, they’re a little more durable than your usual paper fan. They fold up for easy storage, and the sandalwood delivers a subtle but pleasant fragrance every time you use them.

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