Nick Carter's "In The End" Lyrics From 'Dead 7' Are Actually Really Sad When You Break Them Down

When the world was told there would be a post-apocalyptic western zombie movie featuring '90s boy bands, we fangirls the world over rightfully lost our sh*t. It was like Nick Carter went into our collective conscious and pulled out exactly what we wanted to hear and then sold it to Syfy. But he and the rest of the crew definitely proved they knew exactly which way we wanted it by creating a new song to go with the movie called "In the End." It features all the things we love from boy band songs: insane harmonies, a point in time where the beat drops, and repetition of the chorus. But breaking down the "In The End" lyrics points to a slightly darker, more meta look at the end of boy bands.

Carter somehow managed to get an all-star cast for the film, from all the boy bands we loved so back in the day: Backstreet Boys (Nick Carter, A.J. McLean, and Howie Dorough), *NSYNC (Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick), 98 Degrees (Jeff Timmons), and O-Town (Erik Michael-Estrada). Swoon. Sigh. Swoon again. "In The End" is both expected and unexpected, as far as zombie movie theme songs go, and breaking down the lyrics will help you see what I mean. I actually couldn't be more excited if I tried.

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1. "Lights Are Out, Up In Smoke"


After a decade of fame for our favorite boy band brothers, the lights seemingly went out. Or, you know, the characters are talking about the post-apocalyptic society of the Wild West, in which there are probably no lights and a lot of fire.

2. "Never Felt So Damn Alone. No One's Left To Take Me Home"


Either everybody had to lay off all their chauffeurs when they stopped making a 'milli a minute, or all their family members in this movie are totally dead. Could be a little bit of both.

3. "Hold Your Breath And Think Of Me, Love On Fire With Gasoline"


I'm going to say this doesn't have a double meaning, and it's just a reference to the fact that, to kill zombies, you have to destroy the brain or set them on fire.

4. "Nothing's Left. Just A Dream, Just A Dream."


This is definitely a double-sided reference to the end of their wonderful dream of the '90s, and the end of the world via zombie.

5. "In The End, Don't Wanna See You Fall Apart, Don't Wanna Hear Your Broken Heart. Don't Look Back Nothing's Gonna Save Us. In The End, Don't Wanna See You Fade Away, Don't Wanna Live For Yesterday. "


Ah, the repetitive chorus, the best part of any boy band song. This is pretty typical boy band speak if you're dealing with the loss of a loved one due to zombie, I assume. But the "fade away" and "don't wanna live for yesterday" line? Pure reference to the decline of the boys' fame.

6. "Rode The Wind, Felt The Rush, Nothing Ever Was Enough"


Nothing was ever enough until those teeny bopper years ended.

7. "All The Gold Turned To Dust, Turned To Dust"


They had all the riches in the world, and now they have zombies.

8. "No, Nothing's Gonna Save Us, But It's The Only Thing I Dream Of, And I Never Wanna Wake Up, In The End."


Is it just me or does everyone suddenly feel incredibly horribly bad for all the boy band members? Or, rather, former boy band members?

The whole thing — the trailer, the song — is quite an interesting look at what we do with our celebrities. We love them, leave them, and then they show up in post-apocalyptic movies. And, all the while, they make fun of themselves kind of subtlety in song, maintaining a great sense of humor.

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