Why A 'BvS' Post-Credits Scene Could've Been Great

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sounds like the ultimate superhero film, so it makes sense that fans of the superhero movie genre sat through the lengthy credits hoping to get a post-credits scene. The addition of one would be fitting, considering BvS is the film meant to set up the entire DC Cinematic Universe to come, including Justice League, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and who knows what else. At the bare minimum, a BvS post-credits sequence setting up Justice League Part 1 would not have been out of place. However, fans who waited until the end of the credits were disappointed to see that the movie didn't include any post-credits tease. But that doesn't mean we can't come up with our own, of course.

It's worth noting that, at two hours and 30 minutes, countless scenes in Batman v Superman could have been cut from the main film and tacked on mid-credits to satisfy fans. For example, the sneak peek of metahumans Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman could have appeared solely at the end of the film. The final scene between Batman and Lex Luthor could also have easily worked as a post-credits sequence. And, if director Zack Snyder really wanted to play with our emotions, he could have saved that last shot of the dirt vibrating on Clark Kent's coffin until the credits were over. That said, here are nine Batman v Superman post-credits scenes that would have made sense.

1. Batman Meeting With Silas And/Or Cyborg

Batman v Superman ended with Bruce Wayne embarking on a journey to track down the metahumans Lex Luthor was investigating. Out of all of them, Cyborg seems like he would be the easiest to track down. The video footage seen of him shows Silas (Joe Morton), his father, creating him in STAR Labs, meaning that there has to be a record of the scientist (his name, his address, etc.). It would have been awesome to see Bruce Wayne coming face to face with Silas or Cyborg in a post-credits scene, kicking off Justice League Part 1 in a big way.

2. Lex Luthor Running The Jail

Even though Lex Luthor ended BvS behind bars, there's no way we've seen the last of this villain. It would have been fun to see how Lex was adjusting to prison life, especially because I suspect he's already scheming on how to get his revenge.

3. Alfred Cleaning Up The Mess In Gotham

How hilarious would it have been to see Alfred sweeping up the destruction of that "abandoned" Gotham dock Batman lured Superman to. I mean, it would have been ridiculous, but, every movie needs a good laugh, right?

4. Someone Knows Bruce Wayne's Identity

One question that was never answered in Batman v Superman is how Lex Luthor knew Superman and Batman's secret identities. He kidnapped Martha Kent because he knew that Superman was also Clark, and he definitely knew Bruce Wayne was Batman. Just because he's in jail doesn't mean he won't tell anyone, or that he hasn't already. A post-credits scene could have featured a new villain learning about Bruce Wayne's identity, or contemplating killing Alfred as revenge.

5. Flash To The Future

Throughout BvS, Batman was having these nightmares about an apocalyptic future where Superman has taken over the world. And in one of these dream-like moments, the Flash appears to warn Batman about something. While the sequence is shown as a dream, it could also be a message from the future. (The Flash is the fastest man alive, and has the ability to run through time.) It would have been endlessly fascinating and buzz-generating to see the future the Flash was returning to after having delivered his message. It must be pretty bad for him to bend the laws of space and time.

6. Anything To Do With Wonder Woman

Let's face it: Wonder Woman was the real winner of Batman v Superman, and she deserved more screen time than she got. Any bonus footage of Wonder Woman would have been a welcome post-credits addition to the film, regardless of whether or not it added to the Justice League plot.

7. Superman Lives

Looking back, it does seem a bit cruel to make fans wait at least another year before they get to see Superman come back from the dead. Sure, the little flickers of dirt hinted at a return, but it would have been nice to actually see Clark Kent come back to life, no matter how cliche that might be.

8. Batman Bonding With Martha Kent

Granted, this would have bene ridiculous, but would a sweet scene between Martha Kent and Bruce Wayne have really been sillier than Batman stopping mid-fight upon hearing the name Martha? I don't think so. Plus, a potential hug between the two at Clark's funeral might have given Bruce an opportunity to turn that frown upside down for once.

9. Lois Lane Working With Wonder Woman

Even though Wonder Woman and Lois Lane did share a scene in Batman v Superman, they never spoke to each other. And that's just unacceptable to me. It would have been great to see the two strong women exchange some words. At the very least, they could have shared a drink in honor of Superman. It would also make sense for Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne to ask Lois for help investigating the metahumans. After all, she is an investigative reporter, and the three of them working together could have been a perfect way to kick off the creation of the Justice League.

In an already crowded movie, it's probably for the best that Batman v Superman decided not to go with a post-credits sequence. Hopefully some of these things will be seen in upcoming movies instead.

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