The 'Real Housewives' Stars Looking Unrecognizable

by Marenah Dobin

The women of Real Housewives have moved beyond the "reality star" label and have become sought after celebrities in their own right. Most have even cultivated signature style elements, like a particular hairstyle or color, and specific items of clothing. We are so used to seeing our Real Housewives look a certain way so it is always really confusing to see them looking like anything outside of the image that we have come to know and love, but it does happen. There are photos out there of the Real Housewives stars looking barely recognizable — even to serious super fans.

A lot of these photos come from the pre-Housewives era. For instance, when one of the Housewives posts a throwback photo on Instagram with a different hair color and completed outdated clothes. Other times, these looks are from when the women were Housewives, but from really early on in the series, so we've all forgotten that they used to look like that. And sometimes the ladies just want to switch up their look by dying their hair an outrageous color, getting a haircut, or taking a style risk.

Below, check out some pics of the Housewives looking so unlike themselves. You just might have to do a double take!

1. Bethenny With Red Hair

This does not look anything like the Bethenny Frankel we've all watched on Real Housewives of New York City over the years, but it's really no surprise that she dyed her hair the same color as the SkinnyGirl logo.

2. Teresa Dressed Up For Halloween

It's so weird seeing Teresa Giudice when she is not all dolled up. Not only is Teresa rocking her natural hair here, but she is also dressed like a cowgirl (or something...) and it is not at all how fans are used to seeing their fave New Jersey Housewife.

3. NeNe With Long Hair & A Head Scarf

NeNe Leakes is such a fashionista these days that it is really strange to see her in anything remotely casual. Plus, short hair has really become her look, so the long hair throwbacks just make her seem like a completely different person.

4. Ramona Singer, Dorinda Medley, & Kristen Taekman In Pajamas With No Makeup

It is definitely a rare sight to see the RHONY ladies without full hair and makeup, so it is shocking to see them with messy hair, pajamas on, and not a stitch of makeup. I really had to do a double take on this one since they are normally so glamorous.

5. Tamra Judge With No Makeup

If Tamra didn't post this on her own Instagram, I would have no idea that it was her! She looks great without makeup, just completely different than what fans are used to.

6. Meghan King Edmonds With Brown Hair

We've only known Meghan for one season of Real Housewives of Orange County, but fans are so used to her being blonde that it definitely took a second look to confirm that this was actually her. She can pull off both looks, though!

7. Bethenny In A Blonde Wig Dressed As Marilyn Monroe

Is that Bethenny? She looks so different with blonde hair, and I don't think I've ever seen her wear pink, let alone a bow, so the whole look is just really out of character for her.

8. Melissa Gorga & Jacqueline Laurita Without Makeup

Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita are all about the personal maintenance. They do what it takes to be youthful and they're always dressed to the nines, so it's not surprising if it throws you off to see them without makeup.

9. Shannon Beador Rocking A Crazy Wig

Shannon Beador, is that you? It is so hard to tell who is under that frizzy wig and sunglasses. Thank god for Instagram captions and photo tagging!

10. Jeana Keough & Tamra Judge With Bangs

Adding bangs doesn't seem like it would make a huge difference, but it really does with these two. I hardly recognized them.

11. Kandi With Light Hair & Bright Eye Makeup

Even though Kandi is always changing up her look, she looks so different in this throwback photo from 10 years ago. I cannot imagine her rocking that hair, that eye makeup, or that bright fur today, not to mention rolling around in a pile of candy.

12. Meghan Edmonds With Pink Hair

It's hard to recognize anyone if they don't normally have pink hair, but it is just such an extreme color that it is distracting from looking at anything else. If Meghan didn't post the pic herself, it would be pretty tough to guess who's in it.

13. Ramona Wearing A Bikini Back In The '80s

Wow. Ramona looks great, which is nothing new, but she just looks like a totally different person. With the textured hair and tan this is definitely not the Ramona we know today.

No matter what look they're rocking, the Real Housewives always look amazing... even if they're stepping outside of their comfort zone when it comes to style.