How Much Food $1 Will Buy In Other Countries

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The renowned Wu-Tang Clan lyric "Cash rules everything around me" describes the daily struggle of every human being on this planet, with the exception of the one percent. Money is always on people's minds. But have you ever stopped and thought about how much food you can buy for one dollar? I have. Why? Because I have forgotten my wallet at home enough times to know that there are very few options for those carrying cash. Especially one dollar's worth.

There used to be a time when milk, bread and gas were as expensive as anything on the dollar menu at McDonald's. Now, I would be hard pressed to find a good deal anywhere close to my house. Prices of things keep going up and becoming less and less affordable. Welcome to 2016 — take a seat and remember to appreciate anything under five buckaroos.

If you are feeling nostalgic for lower prices, I suggest you look in a new direction. While our prices will continue to climb, other countries are seeing the dollar stretch far and wide. Seriously! In a new video, BuzzFeed asked their community how much a dollar can stretch in their countries. The answers were shocking and mind boggling. Turns out that our measly little dollar can pull off some serious legwork out in the world. Obviously there are still exceptions — yes, I'm talking to you, Switzerland. But overall, for anyone who hasn't traveled much, the currency exchange can be baffling. Below are some of the items you can buy for just one dollar in other countries.


It seems like the dollar is pretty close to ours when it comes to buying things.


For a country whose name sounds like the word that means you haven't eaten, it seems ironic how far the dollar can go. A bottle of wine? Yes, please! I guess I know where my destination wedding will be.


I'm not sure if this means the quality of the baguette is bad or that that's how abundant this type of bread is in France. Either way, I'm a happy camper.


At my local supermarket I bought two bananas for 89 cents. You're telling me I can get 11 in Honduras? How? Why? Someone explain.


We have finally arrived at my favorite comparison. An entire bowl of Pho in Vietnam will cost you four quarters. Isn't that the best gift anyone could ever hope for? I think so.

Check out the full video to see how the other countries compare!

Images: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images; YouTube