Lorelai Gilmore’s Life Has Likely Changed A Lot

A lot has changed in the world since Lorelai Gilmore has been apart of it. Sure, she’s been in our lives in various reruns and streaming marathons ever since Gilmore Girls went off the air in 2007 , a lot has changed about the world that Lorelai knew and loved. And as talk of the Gilmore Girls revival heats up with fans everywhere speculating about what life is like for Lorelai Gilmore in 2016, the one thing I keep thinking about is how much coffee has changed since then.

There are some things that haven’t changed at all. For instance, coffee is just as much a part of our lives in 2016 as it was in 2007. In fact, long before Lorelai spoke her first lines in Luke’s Diner — those lines, by the way, were to ask for coffee — there was the gang in Central Perk, spending their time throwing back lattes and sitting on a ridiculously large couch.

Coffee certainly isn’t a new thing, but there have been some pretty big developments in how we consume coffee since Gilmore Girls was cancelled. And sometimes I like thinking of all the ways that that these new coffee inventions have likely changed Lorelai’s life. Because these simple inventions could have a serious impact on the way she interacts on a daily basis. For a girl who couldn’t no go a minute without begging for an IV drip of the stuff, these recent coffee inventions are sure to make a big impact on the way she lives her life today.

1. Single-Serve Coffee Makers

Let’s just envision a world in which Lorelai Gilmore has a cup of coffee at her fingertips at any minute. No need to wait for the stuff to brew or to even walk across town to get the perfect cup. The single-serve coffee maker might effect her life in a huge way, like giving her a good excuse to avoid Luke’s if there’s still any lingering awkwardness between them.

2. French Press

Maybe Lorelai got a little fancy with her coffee consumption. Even though I don’t think it’s likely that this Pop-Tarts and diner girl is all of a sudden fancy with her coffee brews, there’s a chance that one taste of this other way to brew was enough to convert her for good.

3. Cold Brew Coffee

With recipes popping up everywhere for how to make your own cold brew at home, I’m thinking a jug of this in Lorelai’s refrigerator could greatly impact the “Summer” episode. Maybe we never even hear from Luke during that entire episode (who needs him if Lorelai’s got enough coffee to last her an entire season?), or maybe she goes on a coffee-drinking rampage and spins herself into a caffeine-induced dervish. Both sound entirely possible to me.

4. Drive-Thru Coffee Stands

These were definitely around back in 2007, I realize this, but their popularity has spread recently with the influx of coffee carts and stands. If pop-up coffee stands are a thing in Stars Hollow, Lorelai would have no need to walk to Luke’s every morning. She could easily just stop on her way to the Dragonfly Inn and save herself a lot of time and a lot of heartache.

5. Temperature Regulating Add In’s

No need to take a trip into the kitchen every twenty minutes to warm up her cup of coffee. With this temperature moderating invention, Lorelai could keep her coffee hot for up to five hours at a time. And just imagine what kind of productivity she could accomplish if she weren’t constantly leaving the front desk to fill her cup.

6. Self-Stirring Mugs

So she can use her hands to gesticulate wildly, of course.

7. Coffee Ordering Apps

It’s easier than ever to get coffee these days, and smart phones and accompanying coffee-ordering apps are definitely helping that trend. Maybe with all of this new convenience, there won’t be any need for her to stop by Luke’s after all?

With all of these quick-service, self-serve options at her fingertips, I can only imagine all of the ways that Lorelai’s life will likely have been changed. I’m just crossing my fingers she still prefers her coffee served at a diner counter.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy (7)