Lisa Vanderpump & Her New Horse Stirrup Some Dirt

Not two weeks ago, the rein-ing (ugh, sorry) ruler of West Hollywood's sexiest, most unique restaurant made a thrilling announcement: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump adopted a retired Cavalia horse named Prince Tardon. Yes, Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd have added a bilingual, acrobatic steed to their ever-growing menagerie. This news delighted me to no end, and I could not wait to hear more about Prince Tardon. I even reached out to Villa Rosa mini ponies Diamonds and Rosé for comment. Needless to say, when Vanderpump shared a video of Prince Tardon, I was as pleased as a Pumptini.

In the brief Instagram clip, we see the glamorous Vanderpump and the glamorous Tardon in a horse pen. The pair trot from one end of the fenced in area to the other. It really is something to behold. I’ve already accepted that the video will be the most majestic thing I’ll see all week.

If and when RHOBH gets picked up for a seventh season (please don’t break my heart, Andy Cohen!), I hope Prince Tardon makes at least one cameo. Yeah, I realize the stallion has put his show biz days behind him when he hung up his Cavalia hat for good. And yeah, I totally respect that he's moved on.

But look at Prince Tardon! He could be a star like Giggy the Pom and Hanky the swan! A real Brav-fur-lebrity (ugh, sorry again)!