Lisa Vanderpump Adopted A Cavalia Horse Because Of Course She Did

The Queen of the SUR Empire has added yet another pet to the Villa Rosa roster: Lisa Vanderpump adopted a Cavalia horse (h/t Bravo Daily Dish). And yes, I do mean an actual horse from the world-renowned equestrian acrobatic show. In a recent interview with The Insider, Vanderpump introduced the universe to Prince Tardon, a white stallion who understands both English and French.

This pairing came to be after Vanderpump saw a production of Cavalia’s Odysseo back in February. Moved by the performance, the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star looked into adopting a retried show steed. “I just thought, ‘I would love to have one of those horses if ever they came up for retirement,’” Lisa told The Insider. “And then, maybe it was just coincidence that it was reaching Tardon’s retirement age, and I met him, fell in love with him, and we are working it out.”

Prince Tardon is not the first equine member of the Vanderpump-Todd menagerie: Last summer, Vanderpump surprised husband Ken Todd with two miniature ponies for his birthday. Never one to pass up an excuse to speak with any of Lisa's pets, I reached out to mini horses Diamonds and Rosé for comment.

When did you find out Lisa had adopted a stallion?Rosé: Right now. This is news to us. Diamonds: [Whinny-laughs] Hush, Rosé. Don’t be such a scoundrel. Lisa told us about Prince Tardon seconds after she got off the phone with the Cavalia people. She really couldn’t wait to share the news. She was bursting at the seams.

What was your initial reaction to the news?D: “A bilingual acrobatic horse? How exciting!”R: “I want to know where Tardon will hang out.”

What do you mean?R: Well, the backyard at Villa Rosa is kind of our spot. D: Yes. The swans get the moat in the front yard…R: The dogs rule the house…D: I think there are some turtles somewhere? That’s what Rumpy told me, at least. I’ve yet to meet the turtles, but I know they have their own spot. Oh, I feel terrible for saying any of this. I hate to be unwelcoming to our newest family member…R: OK, have you ever seen a horse-horse?

Yes, I have.R: Then you know how big they are.

Yes.R: Do you see where I’m going with this?

I don’t want to assume anything, so if you wouldn’t mind, could you please spell it out?R: [Sigh-whinnies] I also don’t want to be rude, because I’m sure he’s a cool guy, and I’m very excited to welcome a new member to our family, but…D: We’re worried he’ll take over the whole yard.R: Not on purpose! It’s just… Horse-horses run a lot. They’ve got a lot of energy to get rid of, you know?

Yes, I do.R: So I can’t help but picture this stallion clopping all over the perfectly mowed yard and the moats and the ponds and the rosebushes and the outdoor bar. It would become his yard.D: Honestly, all our worries could be for naught. For all we know, he could be a very mellow roommate.

I would think Lisa would keep Tardon at a stable somewhere else, no? R: You know what? You’re probably right. She wouldn’t let a horse-horse roam the grounds freely. Heck, she barely lets us roam the grounds freely, and we’re the size of a German Shepherd. D: Wait, but what if she builds a stable at Villa Rosa? What if she puts it right next to our mini-horse house?R: Whoa. That’s a great point. If I know one thing to be true about Villa Rosa, it’s that anything is on the line at all times.

So I’ve gathered that you have not met Prince Tardon.D: No. Not yet. Giggy met him.R: Giggy gets to do all of the fun stuff.D: Giggy wears costumes, goes on vacations, visits SUR and Pump…R: Giggy is living the dream.

Anything you'd like to add before I let you get back to frolicking around Villa Rosa?D: We welcome Prince Tardon with open hooves. Despite what we said about the yard issue, we truly are thrilled by this news. R: And hey, now that there's a real horse, maybe Lisa's friends will stop joke-threatening to ride us around the backyard.