The Top 11 Places for Offbeat Valentine's Day Cards

Seriously. You're welcome. Here's a list (with examples) of the best quirky Valentine's Day cards on the Internet. Compiling this list required going to the depths of Google to find the best of the weirdest (actually funny) and the worst of the weirdest (pop culture-related) cards that celebrate the feast of St. Valentine in varyingly cute ways.

So, go on, order away. Find the card that Rihanna would buy Chris Brown or that Gwyneth Paltrow would buy Chris Martin (that one would definitely have vegetables on it). Get the perfect greeting for that person you're kinda, sorta dating. Buy the most ridiculous/awful/disgusting/hilarious cards you can find for friends, spouses, bosses (oh please, buy one for your boss) significant others, and loved ones. Go!

Image: Le Trango

The Oatmeal

Adorable. Creative. Hysterically funny (if you’re sense of humor is on par with that of a 12-year-old boy).

Ben Kling

If your significant other is a literature buff, these Valentines from illustrator Ben Kling are winners…and they’re totally printable!


Some of these are nerdy, some are downright gross. All are off-beat.


Classic (circa 2008) for a reason. In terms of variety, they are unparalleled. I will always have a soft spot for their weird, Victorian illustrations.

Emily McDowell (via Etsy)

If you’re into honesty, check out her Etsy shop for more.

Game of Thrones

These are from artist/illustrator (and PBS Kids Creative Director) Chris Bishop and come in both card and “hang it on a wall” form.


Some of these are way more negative, if that’s what you’re into. There’s also a decent smattering of bacon puns and Honey Badger references. For the record: LOVE also can spell VOLE, which is a real word.

Beth Evans

All of illustrator Beth Evan’s cards are printable, hand-drawn, and pretty funny.

GOP Valentines

Disclaimer: I’m a staunch Democrat. That said, I think Republicans should be celebrated when they come up with something funny, like these cards (the downside is that to create your own I’m pretty sure you have to donate to the RNC…so maybe just stick with the pre-set ones).

Sad Shop

With classics like “You could be my sister wife” and “I like you and naps,” this Etsy shop nails it.

Le Trango

This Etsy shop is PERFECT if you’re into puns.