The Top 11 Places for Offbeat Valentine's Day Cards

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Seriously. You're welcome. Here's a list (with examples) of the best quirky Valentine's Day cards on the Internet. Compiling this list required going to the depths of Google to find the best of the weirdest (actually funny) and the worst of the weirdest (pop culture-related) cards that celebrate the feast of St. Valentine in varyingly cute ways.

So, go on, order away. Find the card that Rihanna would buy Chris Brown or that Gwyneth Paltrow would buy Chris Martin (that one would definitely have vegetables on it). Get the perfect greeting for that person you're kinda, sorta dating. Buy the most ridiculous/awful/disgusting/hilarious cards you can find for friends, spouses, bosses (oh please, buy one for your boss) significant others, and loved ones. Go!

Image: Le Trango

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