Why 'Glee' Letting Rachel Slap Santana in the Midseason Promo Could Actually Be Good

It looks like Rachel Berry sure knows how to pack a punch. In the most recent promo for Glee's mid-season premiere aptly titled 'Frenemies,' (that we had to wait two whole months for, thank you very much) we witness the little, yet mighty Broadway-bound Berry swinging at who we can only suspect is roommate and new (former?) bestie, Santana Lopez. Why the hell would she do that?

Well, even though we love Santana's sharp wit and biting sarcasm and she has seemingly been on her best behavior as of late (ish), she has been known to offend well, almost everyone. Still though, it certainly isn't in Rachel's etiquette to resort to violence of any sort, no matter how many times she's been egged or slushied.

Could we perhaps be witnessing Rachel's physical reaction to her overwhelming grief over Finn? For one, it would make total sense and it would also make us feel a whole lot better about Glee's continuation of an accurate representation of what it would be like to lose someone as dear as Finn was to all of the characters, especially Rachel. Since Finn's death we've seen Rachel grieve rather quietly and without much strife. Understandably, the writers may have not initially wanted to thrust such a heavy burden onto Lea Michele's shoulders, but it does seem time for Rachel to grieve in a visible, tangible way. Thus far she's seemed to take the death almost too well, so stoic and reserved about it considering how passionate a character as Rachel is.

We have to admit, it's been a pleasant surprise to see Glee, a regular endearingly-cheese ball type show, handling a character (and actor) death with the intensity and dedication the story line deserves. From the speculation on season 5 that we've heard, it appears that Glee is moving in a better (new? cough, cough) direction from the last year and a half horror show. We can't wait to see "Frenemies" air so we can find the motive behind Rachel's stirring violent episode. But until then, we can watch the promo below over and over to see the epic smack down and hunt for clues.

Image: FOX