19 Times Lorelai Wore Ridiculous Hats

It is of public popular opinion that Gilmore Girls had pretty darn kitschy fashion and styling, but I'm willing to bet that most critics secretly love early 2000s style. Coffee-addict-slash-single-mom Lorelai Gilmore has been known for her ridiculous fashion accessories since she donned that terrifying purple tie-dyed bandana in season one. In fact, she wore more than one horrifying bandana in that season alone.

As the show went on, Lorelai's style became more "age appropriate" (whatever that means) with the disappearance of the cut-off Daisy Dukes, but it also continued its illustrious history of major color and patterned apparel. So, it made sense that the accessories Lorelai used also stayed vibrant and over-the-top. Beanies were considered a staple for Lorelai, but occasionally she rocked a newspaper veil or flower crown that proved she was one step ahead of the Stars Hollow gang in terms of haute couture or just outfits in general. I mean, you all saw what she did with Lane's wedding dress!

So, with all of these amazing Lorelai moments in mind, I would like to recap for the sake of you fellow Gilmore Girls lovers and fashion and beauty lovers. Here is a look back at a few of Lorelai's best worst hair accessories to remember and learn from forever.

1. The Purple Tie-Dye Bandana

This weird purple bandana with some strange almost paisley print is a pretty color, but probably not a look you should aim to emulate or replicate in any way.

2. The Blue Bandana

And so, the bandana parade is off! I believe Lorelai says it all here.

3. The Green Bandana

This is actually paisley print, but this color plus the brown and magenta baseball shirt is a major fashion faux-pas.

4. The Red Bandana

If you really have to wear a bandana, this is the only acceptable style: a classic cowboy-chic red. Thank goodness this section is over.

5. The White Bucket Hat

I am guilty of owning a baby blue bucket hat with an actual leather buckle around the seam, so I understand this phase.

6. The Brown Bucket Hat

Questionable as these bucket hats may seem, Rory is wearing a sideways baseball cap, so Lorelai wins here.

7. The Pageboy Cap

This appeared for exactly one episode and we never saw it again.

8. The Cowboy Hat

This maybe leopard print cowboy hat would look so much better with the Daisy Dukes at a pro-bullriding event than on a Tuesday at Luke's.

9. The Blue Headband

This dark blue-grey headband works with the shirt, but not with anything else ever.

10. The Opalescent Headband

There's a reason that Lorelai is only seen wearing headbands around the house. This opal one is a clear indication of why.

11. The Pink Makeover Headband

Although this is indeed the makeover party for April's birthday, I hope that we will never see this kind of hair and headband combo ever again.

12. The Beaded Headband

This beaded headband and kitten t-shirt combo make Lorelai look like a child.

13. The Trucker Hat

I actually love the leather jacket and trucker hat look, so who am I to say anything here?

14. The Patchwork Beanie

The striped rainbow scarf, the pattern shirt, and the patchwork flowered hat, make an outfit that, in the words of a flight attendant, needs to be stowed.

15. The Floral Beanie

This florentine-patterned beanie really doesn't make any sense to me and doesn't match with the outfit.

16. The Muddy Brown Beanie

This muddy-toned beanie is supposed to look good with the brown coat, but really just looks like a strange haircut on Lorelai.

17. The Not Even Warm At All Beanie

This is barely even a beanie! There are holes in it, and it looks so thin! Hopefully Lorelai makes better beanie choices in the future revival!

18. The Renaissance Flower Crown

This flower crown is Coachella approved, but yeesh.

19. The Newspaper Veil

This veil is probably not going to be seen at the next bridal fashion week.

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Images: The CW (20)