12 Reasons To Watch 'The O.C.' During Spring

There are some TV shows that no one needs an excuse to watch over and over again, and The O.C. is definitely one of them. Even though there are only four seasons of the show, The O.C. is an enduring classic, filled with super beautiful people, heartwarming family relations, and pop culture references galore. Since it's set in California, the characters spend an inordinate amount of time at the beach, meaning that bathing suits are often the norm. Basically, there's a lot to love about this show. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that, even with the summer aesthetic, The O.C. is the perfect show to watch during spring for so many reasons.

Whether you enjoy spotting celebs before they were famous — Olivia Wilde and Chris Pratt both appeared on the show — or have always been a hardcore fan of Summer and Seth and need to make sure they end up together, The O.C. can be enjoyed again and again. It's kind of a year-round activity, as far as I'm concerned, but if you want to match imagining being in the Cohen's pool house along with Ryan, or that Adam Brody is actually your real life boyfriend, with the perfect season, then spring is the one to choose. Here's why.

1. It's Always Sunny In The O.C.

We could all do with some Vitamin D. Spring is the perfect time to watch The O.C. because it'll get you excited now that hotter weather is just around the corner.

2. You'll Want To Be Outdoors

While I'm pretty sure I'd injure bae dreadfully if I covered his eyes while he was riding a bike, the show will make you want to go outside and get some exercise.

3. You'll Be Reminded How Great Friends Are

Winter can be an isolating time in which you just want to hide under the duvet and never leave the house again. The O.C. will make you want to hang out with all of your besties.

4. It'll Inspire You To Create A Summer Reading List

The O.C. will give you plenty of inspiration for books and comics, to read on holiday, and not just the ones recommended by Paris Hilton.

5. It's Light Relief Before The Deluge Of Summer Superhero Movie Releases

The super hero movie references in The O.C. are always on point, and the show will distract you from the monotony that is to come of a zillion comic book movies getting released at once.

6. The Show Is #HairGoals

Marissa and Summer always have amazing hair, and re-watching the show will give you plenty of #HairGoals for to work on before summer arrives. From plaits, to braids, to golden hues, The O.C. will give you a long wish list when it comes to your own hair.

7. You Can Cheers Without The Hangover

Live vicariously through Marissa Cooper and Co., and avoid the hangover by just watching them do the drinking. Consider it training for a wild Summer ahead.

8. It'll Make You Want To Be In A Relationship

The O.C. is #RelationshipGoals, but that should be obvious. If winter has been a barren, dateless wasteland, then spring is the time to get on Tinder, and start looking for a Seth Cohen or Summer Roberts of your very own.

9. Or It'll Convince You To Be Single

If you're happily single, or are just out of a terrible relationship, then The O.C. will give you faith in the power of friendship, and the importance of being single when you want to be. With summer on the horizon, being alone can lead to endless possibilities, from travel, to hobbies, to spending time with friends.

10. It Will Encourage You To Bond With Family

From booking a family holiday, to planning a visit to the 'rents, The O.C. will remind you that family is important.

11. You'll Want To Plan A Trip To California, Pronto

If you don't yet have a holiday booked for the year, The O.C. will convince you that there's only one place you need to be.

12. It'll Make You Want Take-Out, And Is That So Wrong?

As it's spring, it's still not quite warm enough to go outside (right?), so order takeout immediately, and keep marathon-viewing The O.C.

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