Survive The 'Shameless' Hiatus With These Families

As another year with our favorite delinquent family, the Gallaghers, comes to an end on Shameless, it's time to look forward to when we will be reunited with this Chicago clan. I know it may be in poor form to be talking about next season when Season 6 has barely ended, but that's the Gallagher way! So, when is Season 7 of Shameless ? Well it doesn't have an official premiere date just yet, but Showtime did renew Shameless for a seventh season, according to Entertainment Weekly, so it's only a matter of time before it graces our TV screens.

In fact, if we look at all the dates of Shameless season premieres up until now, they've all debuted around the middle of January. So, I think it's safe to say Season 7 will most likely arrive in January 2017. But that begs the question, what do we do for the next nine months while waiting for Shameless Season 7? Well, we could reminisce about all the wild antics of the Gallaghers in Season 6 — the pregnancies, the lies, the time spent in prison. Really, there's just so much. However, if you'd rather spend the next nine months watching another dysfunctional TV family, I've got you covered. You just need to check out these seven series.

Shameless (UK)

Of course, if you're missing Frank Gallagher and his family, you could always check out the UK show on which Showtime's version is based! Same basic premise — alcoholic father to a large family — but with a different cast. If you're interested in watching the other Shameless, all 10 seasons are on Netflix.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

This FX fan-favorite may be more comedy than the dark comedy of Shameless, but it does follow the dysfunctional Reynolds family and their makeshift family that's referred to as "The Gang." Need some humor? Check out the first 10 seasons of It's Always Sunny on Netflix.


The Lyon family may be rich, famous, and talented, but they have their fair share of dysfunction. So, since they're at the heart of Fox's drama Empire, they may be a perfect followup to finishing up Season 6 of Shameless. Catch up on Season 1 and recent episodes of Empire on Hulu.

Arrested Development

The Bluth family may have become synonymous with pop culture dysfunction during their first run on TV. So if you want to know what all the fuss is about when it comes to the Bluths and their wacky antics on Arrested Development, all four seasons are available on Netflix.

Game of Thrones

HBO's fantasy drama may take place in a fictional medival world, but that doesn't mean the show's characters are immune to family dysfunction. In fact, I would argue that the Boltons and the Lannisters put all other pop culture families to shame. So, check out the first five season of Game of Thrones on HBO Go.

Breaking Bad

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Walter White starts a meth lab in order to provide for his family, starting him and his family down a highly dysfunctional path. Want to know what Walter White gets up to over the course of Breaking Bad's five seasons? The show is available in its entirety on Netflix.

Rick and Morty

Sure, Rick and Morty may be a cartoon series, but it's a twisted take on Back to the Future as Morty's grandfather Rick takes him on plenty of weird and hilarious adventures. Trust me, it's worth checking out. The first season is on Hulu.

So, while we may be without the Gallaghers while Shameless is on hiatus, there are plenty of other dysfunctional TV families to fall in love (or love-to-hate) with while we wait.

Images: Chuck Hodes/SHOWTIME; Giphy (6)