Major Changes Are Coming To Instagram Video

Instagram users have been in a frenzy this week over the recent change in Instagram's algorithm, but hopefully they won't miss the latest update soon to hit the platform — Instagram is letting users post longer videos, according to Instagram's Head of Fashion Partnerships Eva Chen. No longer will you have to awkwardly crop your videos or make double posts to squeeze your ~highlights~ onto your friends' dashes. According to Chen, the update will allow users to post videos up to 60 seconds long — and to sweeten the deal, they're bringing back the multi-clip function that allows users to crop multiple videos into one post.

The update starts today, and will steadily get rolled out to other Instagram users. To demonstrate what the new feature will look like, Chen took to Instagram with a post about taking a picture in a taxi, showing how much control users will have over the clips that they choose and how they are arranged in a post. The frames split from her on the sidewalk, in the cab, and arranging one of her trademark Insta still-life photos. The video goes on long enough that you are conditioned from your years of Insta-scrolling to think that it will get cut off at any moment, but miraculously, the update has already kicked into gear and the video goes on for almost a minute.

And because you deserve to see the fruits of her labor, here's the pic she snapped mid-tutorial:

Ta-daaaa! Soon you will be able to show off all 60 seconds of your fave memories and blurry Taylor Swift concert videos for the whole world to see.

Other recent updates to Instagram include the algorithm change, which alters the way people's feeds will show them posts. Although it is still in its testing phase, when the update is rolled out on a larger scale, it will prioritize the posts of users that you are most engaged with or interested in by putting them at the top of your dashboard. While some people aren't all that pumped about the update, anyone who is worried that they will miss posts from their favorites can turn on their Instagram notifications and make sure they don't miss any important news — important news that soon, thanks to the video update, will last longer than ever!

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Images: Pexels