Ben & Lauren's 'Bach' Babies Might Look Like This

Love seems to come pretty quickly on The Bachelor. According to Wetpaint, it only takes six weeks of filming for the Bachelor to find his soul mate by courting more than a dozen women at once, narrowing the search every few days with heart break and rose ceremonies. After a whirlwind, competitive — bordering on polygamous — courtship, the Bachelor chooses his bride. Ben Higgins recently chose Lauren Bushnell to be his wife on the Season 20 finale of The Bachelor. With a lightning speed romance leading to a race down the aisle, could kids also be in the near future for a couple that lives their life at full speed? What would Lauren and Ben's kids even look like anyway?

If only we had the technology to find out what Ben and Lauren’s future offspring would like today… Oh, wait — we do! With help from the Internet we can see totally realistic projections of what The Bachelor couple’s future children will look like. Just kidding, the photos are only lifelike enough to satiate fans who are dying for the couple to gallop into their happily ever after. None of this is at all creepy, by the way. And, before you say I'm jumping the gun, take it up with Ben, his Instagram is full of posts boasting baby fever.

See, it’s all he can talk about. So, let’s help Ben out. Here is what Ben and Lauren's kids will look like, according to several online face morph sites. (Let’s just hope the couple’s real kids look less copy and pasted in Photoshop.)

Ben Jr. Via BabyMaker

He has his dad's smile. But it feels more like he stole it because of the unsettling copy and paste.

Lauren Jr. Via BabyMaker

Congratulations it's a ... baby fortune teller?

Ben Jr. Via MakeMeBabies

This kid looks like a Sim version of Ben and Lauren's future baby.

Lauren Jr. Via MakeMeBabies

This baby looks pretty unenthusiastic.

Ben Jr. Via MorphThing

Not only does this baby looks the most human so far, he looks like Ben and Lauren. And, he's pretty cute.

Lauren Jr. Via MorphThing

Another win for MorphThing! She's also a pretty cute mini Lauren with Ben's brown hair!

So, there you have it, Ben and Lauren are so attractive that even Internet morph sites predict cute kids. But, seriously guys, there's no rush. Whenever the couple chooses to add some kids to Bachelor Nation is ok with me. Just as long as when the time comes they post plenty of pics to social media for fans to see.

Images: ABC; Baby Maker (2); Make Me Babies (2); MorphThing (2)