What Disney's Iconic Food Scenes Look Like IRL

When I was a kid, Disney was my jam, just like every other kid in America. But for some strange reason, it was particularly the iconic food scenes that excited me — so when I saw this video showing people recreating Disney food scenes, I was majorly jealous. Even now, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me why I was was such a fan of watching cartoons eat, but it probably has to do with the purpose that food played in these films — it was a connective device.

Meals brought these characters out of their comfort zone and brought them together. Friends, lovers, families — they all came together for these iconic foods scenes, and so they were always happy turning points in the stories. And because eating is one of the most human things you can do, it made whatever the characters were struggling with look small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

When BuzzFeed brought together a willing group of enthusiastic video participants to recreate iconic food scenes from Disney movies, their inner children came out to play. The carefree attitudes that shine through this project will surely work up some nostalgia in your own heart. And maybe give you a hankering for spaghetti. Here are some of the highlights:

Lady And The Tramp

The famous spaghetti kiss. While the romantic act is carried out by dogs in the movie, most human adults have dreamt of one day creating this scene with a loved one. It's a little bit gross, a little bit cute, and a lot a bit charming. Though I highly doubt it's possible to do with a straight face. These participants cannot keep themselves together. Also, a good point they make in this video is that these things are a lot more difficult to do than they look. You can get the gist of this idea by the way they attempt to fling the spaghetti in each other's faces.

Beauty And The Beast

Silly beast doesn't know anything. This scene is so endearing and makes him so much more likable and their love so apparent. If you can be this disgusting with someone, it's surly true love. Also, it kinda looks like some of these BuzzFeed employees are falling in love with each other, just saying. The cutest part of this video is how well these people get along and what good sports they are. Like, they're eating sugarless porridge, it probably tastes like wet cardboard and they're eating it like it's ice cream.

The Lion King

Personally, I thought this scene in the movie was awesome. The bugs looked so colorful and plush, I immediately asked my parents to buy me bugs to eat. I was hoping these participants would have to eat real bugs, but that might be more of a punishment to the un-curious.

Watch the full video here:

Images: YouTube