How To Use Multiclip On Instagram

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It's been quite the week for Instagram users, especially now that Instagram's Head of Fashion Partnerships Eva Chen has announced that Instagram will have longer videos and multiclip function. The rollout of the update begins today, so a lot of users are, understandably, wondering how to use multiclip on Instagram video. Multiclip is a function from the Instagram days of yore that is pretty self-explanatory in its name — it allows users to take multiple videos in one go and crop them together so that they are packaged neatly in one post, somewhat reminiscent of looking at videos all in a row on your Snapchat story, or the way you would film a Vine. And now that we have 60 seconds worth of wiggle room on the length of the posts, these Instagram multiclip videos can tell quite the epic tales.

To demonstrate what the end result of a longer, multiclip video would look like, Eva Chen took to Instagram today to post a short tutorial of herself taking one of her iconic shoe-handbag-fruit in a taxi pictures. The end result is clean, clear cut, and super cute. And the best part? It doesn't take any crazy technological prowess to figure out how to do it yourself.

There's a chance that the update rollout hasn't reached you yet, but never fear, because it's steadily getting to everyone's app starting today. If it has reached you, using the multiclip function is ridonkulously simple. When you reach your Instagram home page, click the photo/video option like you normally do.

Please enjoy this illustrious image of the Bustle office's floor.

Once you've targeted whatever it is you want to film in your first clip, hold down the red button with your thumb and keep it pressed there until you're finished filming. Once you're satisfied with the first clip, take your thumb off of it to stop filming. You'll see a little white line at the bottom of the image indicating how much of your allotted time you have used up so far.

After that, you can point it at whatever you want to feature in your second clip. For instance, here is a very unsightly and clearly confused picture of me in cowgirl braids. (It's been a Tuesday, guys.) As you can see, the white line from the first video is under my mug, showing how much time I've used up in my clips.

You can press and hold down to record whatever your second clip is, and so on and so forth for the rest of your clips. Instagram will cut you off before it gets too long, so you don't have to worry about posting something and finding out later that it awkwardly only posted half of it. Once you've filmed all of your clips to your satisfaction, hit the "Next" button in the top right corner, which will lead you to this screen.

From left to right, these four buttons control the filter you want to put on the video, the spacing of the video, the specific image you want to use as the cover frame for the video, and whether or not you want the sound to be on when you post it to Instagram. From there you can hit "Next" again and post the video as simply as you would any other post on your page.

Et voilà! You are now an Instagram multiclipping pro.

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