How To Get Snapchat 2.0

This is not your older sister's Snapchat, guys. If you're wondering how to get Snapchat 2.0, the latest and greatest update that Snapchat has had to date, you are far from alone. In case you missed it, today Snapchat rolled out six new features that have elevated the app from the fun, quirky platform it's always been to one that is genuinely and stunningly useful. Notably among the new updates that hit the app today are the ability to video chat other Snapchat users within the app, as well as the ability to use stickers, send GIFs of your face in chat, make voice calls, and send audio messages.

If you're wondering whether or not the update has hit you yet, first log onto the app and check immediately under your Story, in the Discover section. There should be an update from Snapchat in there featuring our little ghost friend throwing up a rainbow. When you click on it, it should give you a virtual tour of all of Snapchat's new abilities and very quickly bring you up to sped with the new capabilities of the app.

If you do not see our happy little ghost friend or any indication that the app has changed, you may have to update your Snapchat app. In order to do that, go to the App Store, check your Updates, and scroll down to Snapchat within your phone, and indicate that you want the app updated. From there you should be able to go into your Snapchat app and see all of the recent updates.

Ta-daaa! You are a success. Here are a few of the features you'll be able to use once you have ~Snapchat 2.0~.

Video Calling

You'll be able to use Snapchat video call in your own private stream, reminiscent of FaceTime — except that using Snapchat's, you'll be able to text back and forth and decide whether or not you want volume on the call. In order to initiate a call, all you have to do is swipe left to your private group chats the way you would to text someone through the app. There should be a camera option next to the "record" button.

Bet your mom wishes she had Snapchat now, eh?

Sending ~Stickers~

Now you'll be able to send an array of sticker selections through the app as well. Similar to video calling, all you have to do is swipe left into a private chat with someone. On the far right side, beyond the camera button, there's a little smiley face. Click that little smiley faces to get INFINITY SMILEY FACES, and some not-so-smiley ones, depending on your vibe.

If you're hard-pressed to find a certain sticker, you can even type in a word and Snapchat will suggest one to you. Easy peesy, emoji squeezy.

Send GIFs Of Your Handsome Mug

You know your little profile image on Snapchat? The one where you either didn't realize the camera was going off and made a bunch of ridiculously confused faces, or smize'd with the best of them? Now you can make mini versions of them all the time to send to your friends.

Because let's be honest — sometimes there is just no GIF preexisting on this Internet to fully encapsulate the #emotions you feel, so you gotta do it yourself.

Now that you've got the ins and outs of Snapchat 2.0, go forth, fellow Snappers! GIF thyself! Call thy college friends without warning! SEND THEE MANY A STICKER! Live your best Snapchat life.

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Images: Snapchat