'The Flash' Previews A Barry Vs. Zoom Showdown

While The Flash may have given viewers a brief reprieve from that scary as heck speedster we call Zoom, the preview for the next episode shows that he's never too far from killing our faves. Now that we know Zoom is Jay Garrick, the mask will come off to Team Flash. That's right, next time on The Flash, Barry will confront Jay as Zoom. *Cue explosions and mayhem* Yes, this is the moment we have all been waiting for.

Do Barry and Jay go for a coffee at Jitters in their suits to talk things out and smooth things over? Of course, not. Jay hates coffee. But seriously, the exchange between Jay and Barry is not a happy or civil or even safe one. Not that we'd assume it would be. Zoom is evil and Jay deceived Barry, which is a total no-no in the very jaded Barry's book. He even said as much in this week's. The betrayal of Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne did a real number on his trust and learning about Jay's true motive only made it worse.

As evidenced in the preview below, the two prepare to duke it out. Barry screams at Jay about his disregard for the lives of others and in a chilling moment, Jay's eyes bore into his as he agrees. Oh, and another wonderfully terrifying development on the Zoom front is that Jay has taken to using Zoom's scary monster voice, which is somehow even more menacing coming out of man without a mask on. Watch the promo below, and you'll see why I am seriously worried about Barry and the rest of the team's wellbeing.

More than anything, though, there is something bugging me about Jay's sudden sociopathic behavior. I have to ask— was Jay that good of an actor? Has he really been that evil all this time? Or, is something more going on here? Hopefully, The Flash will reveal even more about Zoom's motives when he and Barry face off.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW