6 Awesome Condoms That Are Basically New York Fashion Week For Erections

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My editor friends are all très, très chic, and frankly, it's starting to get on my nerves. For days now, they've been flitting around to super-exclusive fashion shows and after parties for New York Fashion Week, while I've been sitting around ordering embarrassing amounts of Thai delivery and resenting my station in life.

But the wallowing and FOMO end here and now, because, halfway through a bottle of wine last night, I came up with the greatest idea ever. Ever! It is called Boner Fashion Week; it is fashion week for boners, and I'm in charge of it, and you're all invited. To look at this slideshow of superglam condoms and condom wrappers, I mean. Not to any actual boner runway events, which, you know, are totally happening (in my apartment), but they're suuuper VIP (my boyfriend is the only guest and model. Also, we aren't actually doing this). So grab a bottle of wine, tell your fashion friends — or my fashion friends, do you want their phone numbers? I hate them — they're not all that special, and click through to bear witness to some dazzling peen couture.

Image: oooboutique.com

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