Maybe 'TLOP' Really Will Be On Spotify

I'm sure I'm the first person ever in the world to say this, but I'm not entirely convinced that we can believe every single thing that comes out of Kanye West's mouth. Not that I'm complaining, but his new song "I Love Kanye" is now on Spotify, and, since it's the second song from The Life of Pablo to crop up on the streaming platform after originally being Tidal-exclusive, I'm starting to wonder if we might see the entire album over there eventually. Following "Famous", which made the jump to Spotify on Mar. 28, Kanye released "I Love Kanye" on Mar. 30 for free streaming for anyone who, like me, is not about that Tidal life.

And, while I'm real happy for you, and I'ma let you finish systematically moving tracks over from Tidal to Spotify, do you want to tell us what's up, Kanye? You had been pretty clear about TLOP never making it to Spotify, so what are we supposed to make of this new habit of casually dropping it song by song into our waiting ears? I feel like, if we continue on at our current rate, we could end up with all 18 tracks by 2017, but I'd love if we could address what's going on before then. Pretty please and thank you, just if you have a second.

Kanye definitely told us that things weren't gonna be this way, and in no uncertain terms. There's really no other way of interpreting this strongly-worded tweet, right?

And now two of the songs are on Spotify within two days of each other? What are we supposed to think here? It's enough to make me stop taking everything Kanye says as complete gospel. Or, you know, I could just go with the flow and keep on scooping up what you're putting down over on Spotify. At the end of the day, I have a feeling Kanye West just wants as many people as possible to hear this new album, and he's willing to get dinged a little bit in the wallet to make that happen. So you heard it here first, folks: my prediction is, all of The Life of Pablo will ultimately be on Spotify. We're just working on Kanye West's time frame as far as how long that takes. But, in the meantime, feel free to listen to "I Love Kanye" to your heart's desire. Just good luck dancing to it.

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