Kylie & Sinful Colors Are Doing Something New

Lips and nails. Those are Kylie Jenner's favorite features to highlight and she is helping her fans copy her lips and tips with products. She is fresh off another Internet-breaking, Kylie Lip Kit sellout and her debut King Kylie Sinful Colors Sinful Shine nail polish collection landed earlier this year, with lots and lots of colors. She is probably already cooking up a new Lip Kit color as we speak. However, she is about to drop another nail lacquer collabo with Sinful Colors and this new range will mark a big change. What's new and different?

Well, the makeup mogul's new collection is dubbed "Trend Matters" and it's an extensive set of polishes, featuring 27 shades in matte finishes, according to PEOPLE. So these polishes will match her Lip Kit textures. Woo hoo!

Jenner is all about that matte texture. Her Lip Kits are all the proof you need of her love affair with matte. Now she's bringing it to nails. This Kylie x Sinful Colors collabo will be available on April 1. That's this Friday!

Bustle reached out to Sinful Colors PR reps to confirm the date of the launch as well as other details of this upcoming collection. We'll let you know if/when we hear back.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Behold... Jenner with her signature lip and nail looks.

Her first set of polishes was totally on trend in terms of colors and finish and the same will ring true for Trend Matters polishes, each of which will retail for just $2.99. So you can stock up and not break the bank. Best of all, you can play with a whole bunch of shades for the upcoming pedicure season.

PEOPLE also reports that some shades will be available at Target, while others will be available at Walgreens.

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Even though Jenner will be rocking matte with Sinful Colors, her latest polish post on Instagram finds her with relatively short, gilded nails.

Observe the golden, oval glow.

Those sparkly nails are something else but I can't wait to see her slaying her new matte Sinful Color shades on those same nails and on her Insta feed soon.

Be on the lookout for Kylie x Sinful Colors x Trend Matters on April 1.

Images: Sinful Colors Official/Instagram (1); Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1)