These 'HTGAWM' Theories Dive Into Wes' Future

by Molly Freeman

Is it just me or does How to Get Away With Murder get even more twisty and complicated with every episode? That became abundantly clear in the Season 2 finale, which seemed to wrap up the Hapstall murder case and set up a whole handful of new mysteries for Annalise Keating and the Keating 5 to explore in Season 3. So what are the How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Wes theories? Well, fans and those close to the show have their own ideas about where next season will find this particular member of the Keating 5, but in case you need a little refresher, let's recap what happened to Wes in the season finale.

The back half of Season 2 largely focused on the death of Wes's mother and for a hot second it seemed he was the murderer until it was revealed she killed herself to protect him. Plus, we learned that Wallace Mahoney — the father of Annalise's client — was also Wes's father. But, when Wes attempted to confront Mahoney, the man was shot by an unknown person from a distance right in front of Wes. So, where does that leave Wes after witnessing the death of both of his parents? Here are 11 theories about where we'll find Wes in Season 3.

1. The Puppy No Longer

How to Get Away With Murder showrunner Pete Nowalk told International Business Times that the events of the finale will have an impact and Wes will be more mature in Season 3:

Poor Wes. He never catches a break. His life is actually just full of tragedy. In a way, it's very similar to Annalise. Neither of them can really catch a break. He can react in many different ways. We have not written season 3, but for me, he's not the puppy anymore. He's much more mature and complicated. Maybe he'll be happy his dad is dead. Anything is possible.

Sure, that all makes sense, but it doesn't give us any insight into the real questions about Season 3: Who killed Mahoney? Does Wes get blamed for it? Where is Mahoney's other son? Is Mahoney even really Wes's father?

2. Wes Gets A Paternity Test

Some fans, like Reddit user Lightsandbuzz, think Wes should have a paternity test done — using the blood from Mahoney's murder. I'm not sure that's legal, but I would also like to see a paternity test before believing beyond a doubt that Mahoney is Wes's father.

3. Wes Inherits His Father's Money

So, if Wes does get a paternity test and proves Mahoney is his father, doesn't that mean he could claim an inheritance from Mahoney's death? That's what Reddit user dpullbot believes, suggesting Season 3 will feature a wealthy Wes.

4. The Other Mahoney

Remember Charles Mahoney? He's Wallace's son who was accused of murdering his wife. As Reddit user sandrakarr reminded us, Charles could still be in prison depending on the verdict of his trial. Or, he could have been released...

5. Charles Killed Wallace

If Charles was cleared of the murder charge in the past, or was convicted and released from prison in the time since then, he could have killed his father. What's his motive? Reddit user Twild7 suggested Charles killed Wallace for a reason the audience doesn't know about yet.

6. Charles Framed Wes

Or, perhaps Charles killed Wallace to frame Wes, as theorized by Reddit user bunnybroiler. Charles could have been bitter about Wallace fathering another child, failing to get Charles out of prison for his wife's murder, or some other reason.

7. Frank Framed Wes

Another theory that also features framing Wes for Wallace's murder, is that Frank shot Wallace and framed Wes. Reddit user Christoaster offers this theory, but fails to provide a motive for Frank, so I'm not too sure about this one.

8. Clearing Wes's Name

However, a somewhat more plausible theory is that Wes is accused of killing Mahoney since, according to Reddit user Zoll-Klos, Wes was on the scene and he has a motive if he does stand to inherit money from Mahoney.

9. Wes Won't Be Accused

Contradicting other theories that claim the police will suspect Wes in Mahoney's murder, Reddit user DarviTraj points out that Wes won't be accused of murder because of the angle of the shot. That may be true, but it seems unlikely the police wouldn't at least look at Wes as a possible suspect.

10. The Murderer Is Someone Entirely New

Of course, it's completely possible that Mahoney was shot by someone unrelated to Annalise or any of the Keating 5, as suggested by Reddit user missoctober12. This theory would likely lead Wes to investigate Mahoney's murder on his own.

11. A Future For "Waurel"

Wes and Laurel shared a kiss and with Frank out of the picture does that mean these two will explore a relationship in Season 3? Reddit user Jayxavier certainly thinks Wes and Laurel will get together, but it remains to be seen if they'll stay together for very long. Murder puts a lot of stress on a relationship.

So, there are 11 theories about where we'll find Wes once How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 starts, some more plausible than the others. But, until this crazy show returns, there's plenty of time for even more theorizing!

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