14 Celebs' First Kiss Stories That Are Just As Cute & Awkward As Your Own

Getting your first kiss is a right of passage and a defining moment in many people's lives. Kissing has inspired some of the greatest music, films, poetry, and art, so... yeah, it's kind of a big deal. I remember the idea of a first kiss slowly becoming a huge topic of conversation amongst my friends and I in middle school, during the stage where I was almost completely convinced that Leonardo DiCaprio would be the one to usher me into my ~womanhood~. It's always refreshing to know and hear other's experiences during this confusing part of our lives, so I gathered 14 celebrities' first kiss stories, so I don't feel that awkward about mine.

I am not saying all first kisses are awkward, because I am sure plenty of celebrities got to kiss a really cute co-star on set during their first film or television show, but first kisses almost always have some sort of hilarious story to go along with them about how things went down. Whether it was the strange location, the wrong person, or a really horrifying technique, celebs first kisses are just as silly and adorable as ours — and they were probably watching a terrible movie in the background, too. Just saying.

1. Mila Kunis

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are all loved up now, but way back in 1998, they were co-stars on That '70s Show, and Kunis had probably the best first kiss of all time... with her future husband! She told W Magazine in 2014,

My first real kiss ever was with him on the show... And when That 70s Show had a prom, my date for the prom turned out to be my fiancé. We can honestly say that we went to prom together! Although I do think that in that episode I went home with someone else. We don’t talk about that part.

2. Carly Rae Jepsen

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After she named her debut album, This Kiss, MTV asked Jepsen if a certain kiss had inspired the name. She said, “I waited for my first kiss. I waited until I was 17, and he was a jazz singer named Brenden Call... Nice guy, sweet guy. We still keep in touch on Facebook. ”

3. Taylor Swift


The queen of love songs shared with Tiger Beat that she had a pleasant kiss that eventually turned into a relationship. She said, "I was 15. I was one of the last of my friends to ever kiss a guy... I ended up dating him for a year!"

4. Zac Efron

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Efron sounds like he had every young boys' first kiss story come true. He told Seventeen , "I want to say fifth grade. It was in a tree fort. It was over a game of Truth or Dare, but turned into 'makeout with the other person.' I was, like, the only boy and there was a bunch of girls. I was pretty stoked."

5. Charlize Theron


In an interview with NYRock back in 2000, Theron went into detail on her awkward first pre-teen kiss. She said,

He had braces. We were in the backyard. And you'd think I might not be a good kisser because of this first kiss. Anyway, it was in the backyard after we just had watched Friday the 13th. What a real romance movie! So we were just standing there because it was so planned. Like OK, you're gonna come over, watch a movie, then we kiss. His name was Nicky. We were standing in the backyard and I'm like, you wanna do it, you wanna do it? Well, OK, then let's do it. And we're standing there arguing about it for so long, it was just awful. But then it was darkness, saliva, and tongue.

6. Reese Witherspoon


Witherspoon had her first on-screen kiss with Jason London in Man on the Moon, but the then 15-year-old spilled to Entertainment Tonight that she was already a veteran kisser. She told ET, "My first was in a roller-skating rink... I was 12 years old, and I had a boyfriend, and his name was Graham, and he was a pretty good kisser — pretty good, Graham!"

7. Tyler Posey

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Aww, this one surprised me. Tyler Posey's first kiss was with Miley Cyrus when they were nine years old! He told Seventeen,

I worked on a TV show called Doc, starring Billy Ray Cyrus, when I was 9-years-old. His daughter, Miley Cyrus, was my first kiss and girlfriend. We dated for two years and broke up when we were 11. I saw her three years later on TV, and freaked out! We’re still friends.

8. Leighton Meester


Meester was mostly uninterested in kissing in middle school, and was so nervous after her first kiss that she ran home! She told TV Fanatic in 2009,

I was 16, a guy I knew through friends from school, he was walking me home from the movies, and I honestly was so nervous and couldn't believe I was getting my first kiss, so I don't remember much else but turning around and running home... My friend from middle school and I were talking about that recently, we were pretty much not interested in guys at that age.

9. Shailene Woodley

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Self-confessed late bloomer Woodley shared with Marie Claire , "I was the latest bloomer there ever was. I was still playing with Barbies at 14 and didn't have my first kiss until 15-and-a-half. He had big, beautiful lips, and I was like, 'I don't know what I'm going to do with those.'" Hmm, I don't know if I consider 15 a "late bloomer."

10. Ed Sheeran

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Sheeran said he was inspired by kisses he saw on film and television, but it didn't go as smoothly as he imagined. He told Andpop ,

My first kiss with tongue was probably like everyone’s first kiss with tongue. I think if you watched a lot of, like, One Tree Hill or The O.C., your first kiss with tongue would be probably on point, because you’d study it, but I hadn’t seen any of those programs. I think the first kiss with tongue I saw onscreen was like a James Bond film. Pierce Brosnan just goes in with tongue, so it was one of them. It was very awkward and wet.

11. Selena Gomez

TigerBeat TV on YouTube

Gomez joins the ranks of young actors who had their first kisses onscreen when she was filming an episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody! She told Tiger Beat, “I actually leaned in to kiss him and I had my eyes closed a little too early and I ended up missing like half of his lip. So it ended up being the most awkward kiss in the world. But I was 12 so it was OK and it was good.”

12. Leonardo DiCaprio

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In an interview with Movieline in 1995, DiCaprio spared no details on how terrible his first kiss was. He said, "I'll tell you about the first kiss that I had. It was the most disgusting thing in my life. The girl injected about a pound of saliva into my mouth, and when I walked away, I had to spit it all out. It was awful."

13. Lucy Liu


Liu didn't have very fond memories of her kiss, as she told Entertainment Weekly , "This guy that I had a huge crush on invited me to see Return of the Jedi. I was, like, 15, and very awkward. He walked me home, and then he kissed me. I didn’t know what French kissing was. I remember [thinking], ‘Oh my God! It’s so disgusting!”’

14. Justin Bieber


Bieber was a young boy trying to be romantic when his plan faltered. He reportedly told ET Canada , "It was kinda awkward ... I was, like, 11 or 12. And I was on a snowhill and it was late and we were all cold and I was, like, with this girl and we were together and then I kissed her. It was really awkward."

You see? First kisses are awkward and messy no matter how famous you're destined to be!