5 Ways To Make Someone More Likely To Fall In Love With You, According To Science

How do I win the lottery? How do I time travel? How do I get someone to fall in love with me? These are questions that appear only a genie can answer. Perhaps that’s true of the first two, but there are ways to get someone to fall in love with you that you can tackle all on your own. Want to hear the best part about it? According to science, these tricks actually work.

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If you’ve ever been dying to fall in love (and have someone feel the same), you know how painstaking it can be. For me, I’ve dealt with so many cases of unrequited love that I can’t even begin to count them. And, yes, it really sucks. Little did I know over the years of heartache I was enduring, but a lot of research has been done on how to attract someone and what makes someone begin liking someone else. Of course, this isn't quite magic. You aren't going to meet a complete stranger on the street and have them proposing in 30 seconds. However, there are real scientifically-proven ways to make someone more likely to fall for you, and they’re really simple to do. Have someone in mind that you’re hoping to woo? Let’s get to it. Here are five ways to get someone to fall in love with you, according to science:

1. Listen, Listen, Listen

Studies by the University of Nevada and the University of Washington have shown listening to someone is a big part of getting them to fall for you, according to Cosmopolitan. If you’re trying to make him or her swoon, just listen to what they say, and actually hear it. Bottom line — we all love talking about ourselves (whether we admit it or not), especially if we think the person listening is genuinely interested in what we’re saying. Follow up your listening skills by asking some questions and responding compassionately, according to the outlet. Not only will they scientifically start to have more of an interest in you, this will also give you some great insight into who they are as a person.

2. Mimic Them

Mimicking someone might seem like something a 5-year-old would do, but trust science, this one works. Why? We like people who act similar to ourselves, according to a study from the Journal of Nonhuman Behavior. The study found mimicking moves of the other person indicated interest in them. Also, timing does as well — according to the study — so mimic the moves in time. For example, if your love interest goes from standing to sitting, do the same a moment later. If your love interest then sits up straight and takes a sip of coffee, sit up straight and sip your coffee a moment later, too. It might feel really strange to do, but it could just very well work wonders.

3. Share Personal Secrets With Them

According to a study from the journal Social Psychology Quarterly, “bestowing secrets upon a certain someone straightforwardly implies trust and a willingness to strike up a relationship.” If you withhold secrets, the study said, just the opposite becomes true. This is not to say you should disclose secrets about your friends — that wouldn’t be very fair to them. Rather, tell him or her some personal, secretive things about yourself. The more things you share, the closer the other person will feel to you.

4. Keep Them As Close As Could Be

A study from the American Journal of Sociology showed keeping within close proximity of someone increases the chances they’ll like you. Specifically, the researchers found a definite correlation between physical proximity and how much someone liked the other person. If you’re trying to get someone to fall for you, try to stay nearby to them as often as you can (not, like, sitting on their lap — more like trying to be in the same room). That physical closeness might be just the thing to eventually push them into your loving arms.

5. Tell Them How You Feel

Here it is, the riskiest move of all, but it could be completely worth it, if science has any say in the matter. In a 1986 study, participants were paired up, then afterwards a researcher privately told them their partner either liked them or didn’t like them. Then, the partners met up a second time, and rated their counterpart. You know what happened? In every partnership, the participants rated their partner higher if they had been told their partner liked them. The study ultimately stated people act more positively if they think another person likes them. If you want a favorable vote from someone, you have to be in the game — try putting yourself out there by telling him or her how you really feel. Scientifically, it might just work out in your favor.

If you’ve always imagined you’d need a special potion in order to get someone to magically fall in love with you, hopefully this article proved you wrong. You don’t need any sort of magic at all — you have the complete power. By practicing some of these tactics on the man or woman of your dreams, you might find that person running into your arms with hearts in their eyes before you know it.

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