Will Morgan Come Back On 'The Walking Dead'? He May Just Be The Hero Who Saves Them All

Game of What? I'm pretty sure the most anticipated episode of television in 2016 is not the is-he-isn't-he Jon Snow reveal on HBO's beloved fantasy series, but instead, the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead. No one is safe when it comes to Negan's wrath (and his violently modified baseball bat), but while the rest of them are fighting him off, where will Morgan be? Morgan is searching for Carol, but will he come back to Alexandria or go off on his own? It’s no secret that he’s not a fan of Rick’s leadership ideas, so if he were to say "goodbye," this would probably be the time to do it. There are several possible outcomes for what happens to Morgan Jones in The Walking Dead Season 7 finale, and I have a few theories that are pretty solid, if I do say so myself.

Normally, I would turn to the comic book to get an idea about what’s going to happen to a character, but spoiler: Morgan is already dead in the comic books (he gets bitten by a zombie when the walkers overrun Alexandria). Thankfully, that’s not how things went in the show. I love when they stray from the comic series, but it’s also pretty nerve-wracking knowing at any moment Morgan could die. He’s pretty much the only thing left keeping Rick from being a killing machine. We need Morgan, and his morals, to stay alive.

So what could happen to Morgan in the season finale?

Morgan Meets Ezekiel

There has been speculation that the guy Morgan stopped Rick from shooting last episode was Ezekiel, an important comic book character from a place called The Kingdom. Ezekiel helps Alexandria and Hilltop in the battle against the Saviors. Morgan could be the way The Kingdom is introduced in the TV show. Although, it may be too early for Ezekiel's introduction.

He Finds Carol And They Leave

Carol has been feeling very conflicted ever since her confrontation with Morgan. It seems his logic of trying to keep people alive has rubbed off on her, so what if he does find her and the pair leave together? Clearly they are on a different page than the rest of the group. You never know, a side plot with them could be good.

He Finds Carol And They Go Back To Alexandria

In possibly the most boring of the possible outcomes, he finds Carol and they head back to Alexandria and call it a day.

The Savior With Carol’s Cross Kills Him

Don't forget that lone Savior survivor is following Morgan out there with Carols's cross in hand. I know that Morgan can hold his own for the most part, but what if his trusting nature is what brings him down in the end. I'm not sure fans could handle Morgan's death and the Negan murder in the same night, though. They will spare us that pain, I hope.

He’s Captured By Saviors

In the comic books, Negan makes everyone line up before choosing whose head to bash in with his bat. There's a good chance Morgan will just be captured like the rest of them and end up in Negan's line of potential victims. Saviors are capturing everyone right now, so it wouldn't be too surprising.

He Helps Save The Group From Negan

If he's not a part of the drama revolving around Negan, Morgan could be what gets the group out of it at the end. I imagine Morgan attempting to save them like Daryl tried last week before he failed. And Morgan doesn't usually fail when it comes to kicking ass. Also, there’s a chance he finds Carol and then they both help save the group from Negan. I could really get into that outcome.

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