Will New Kylie Lip Kit Colors Be Glossy? Here's A Clue — PHOTO

Oh, Kylie Jenner! How you love to keep us guessing, like any good style influencer should! Last week, I speculated about whether or not any and all future Kylie Lip Kit colors would be matte or if she would switch things up and go with a glossy or metallic texture. I was torn, since suede-like, matte lips have long been her thing and the Lip Kits are a special product. I also wondered if Jenner might change things up on a whim, preferring to kickstart a new trend, rather than riding a "classic" one for too long... despite the fact that she is making a mint via the current iteration of Lip Kits. I waffled a bit. But in the end, I was fairly certain Jenner would offer up several more colors in the signature matte KLK formula. Until now.

Jenner posted a photo that poses lots of questions and offers no answers. Are the Kylie Lip Kits going glossy? Is she making a major textural change?

It's actually quite possible and here's my analysis of a single clue — the Insta pic shared on both Jenner's official feed and the Kylie Cosmetics feed. Jenner is reportedly filming a music video or commercial for her Lip Kits and this seems to be a photo from that shoot. In the snap, her lips are swiped with a pinky nude shade that is not any of the current Lip Kit colors. That is so not Koko, Candy, or Dolce.


The color on her lips also has quite a glossy and peachy sheen, as does the dripping Lip Kit graphic, which is part of the brand's recognizable packaging, that is situated behind her. I am so used to seeing the teen in super saturated, mega matte lips. There is definitely a difference here. Is Jenner teasing a new formulation?

Or is it lighting? Or did her makeup artist add a little gloss to punch up a new peachy x nude Lip Kit shade that will have the usual matte formula? Or is this a pre-cursor for an April Fool's Day joke? Is she planning to prank us, since the caption states "4/1?" Ack! So. Many. Possibilities.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She certainly may be doing any of the above. That said, here is a more familiar Kylie Lip Look, comprised of painted pout with a rich, non-glossy texture, for comparison purposes.

All told, I still cling to the notion that the Lip Kits are a phenom. The liquid lippies are so on trend that it would be a smart business move to continue to manufacture KLKs with that hallmark velvet feel.

Then again, Jenner pretty much sparked the mega matte lip trend and she may be ready to do something new. She creates trends, as opposed to following them.

See! Either scenario is totally plausible. But if I have to choose, I will go with this being an April Fool's Day lark.

Image: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1)