How To Get The Instagram Update For Longer Videos

Everyone and their brother has been gabbing about Instagram lately, what with all the recent updates; but there is one I think most of us will love: The chance to post videos that are a full minute long! If you're wondering how to get the Instagram update so that you can post longer videos, too, I've got the details — but you might have to be a little patient, because while Instagram just started rolling out the update a couple days ago, it's not going to hit everyone's account all at once.

The easiest way to see if there is an update available to you is to go to your App store, click up the Updates tab, and see if Instagram needs to be updated. I did this with mine and saw that that the only I app I had that needed a refresh was Facebook. Facebook is going to have to wait, though, because I'm on a mission.

To be extra, extra sure that I hadn't yet received the Instagram update, I recorded a minute-long video of my face (you're welcome) and tried to post it on my account. Sadly, though, this is the message that I got while trying to do so:

Alas, this means that the new feature has not yet arrived for me. If you, too, are like me and this window pops up, well, we'll all just have to keep checking back for the update. I can't wait to share super important and visually stimulating minute-long videos with all my friends, like clips of my dinner and the conversations I have with my dog when we're home alone.

I really feel like this update will be well-received by Instagram users. While not everyone is thrilled about the idea of the algorithm change affecting our timelines, I think this one could be good. I'm not saying I think we all need to post videos that are a minute long every day, because that would be overwhelming. But haven't you ever tried to post something that was 15.5 seconds long and you couldn't, so you cut out another .5 seconds and it ruined the entire video?

Image: Megan Grant/Bustle