5 Snapchat Update Features You Missed While You Were Busy Video Chatting

Snapchat recently released a massive update to its chat system, and like good Millennials, most of us have been neglecting all other responsibilities to video chat and slap stickers on everything in sight. Although these features have stolen the Story, as it were, you may have missed some parts of the Snapchat update while you were busy spamming your friends with super freakin' cute cartoon animals. Stickers, video chatting, and autoplay Stories may be the most noticeable features of the update, but they're certainly not the only changes.

Two years after rolling out the chat function, Snapchat has titled the most recent update "Chat 2.0," and it introduces some massive, well, updates to the system. As mentioned above, the most notable change was to video chats, which now allow you to call other users, leave messages, and even send text and photos during a video. However, the update overhauls pretty much every other aspect of the chat function as well — but more on that later. It also rolled out autoplay Stories, which have been met with mixed reviews. (Does anyone really want to watch every single Story of the day?)

As usual, Snapchat is ahead of the curve when it comes to the way we interact; as Tech Crunch points out, Chat 2.0 brings together pretty much every form of communication out there: Texting, calling, drawing, and even symbols. Let's take a look at five changes you might not have noticed so far.

1. Sending Saved Photos

Chat 2.0 finally allows you to access your camera roll, so you can send photos you haven't taken through the app. You can send the photos on their own or while you're video chatting; according to Tech Crunch, photos appear as a translucent overlay over the chat window if you send them during a call. Just select the landscape icon on the far left when you open a chat, and voila! You can send all the cat photos you want.

2. Drawing On Saved Photos

If you feel like turning your saved photo into a masterpiece, just follow the steps above. Before you send the photo, select "edit" in the bottom left corner, which allows you to doodle to your heart's content. You can even save the edited photo before you send it by selecting the "download" icon in the bottom left corner.

3. Sticker Sentences

The stickers themselves are hard to miss, but you may not have noticed one of their best features. Like emoji, Chat 2.0's stickers appear next to each other rather than in separate messages, so you can construct entire sentences without saying a word.

4. GIF-ing Yourself

Not only can you leave audio messages for users who aren't online, but you can also leave video messages for your friends to view later. According to Tech Crunch, these messages can be up to 10 seconds long and play in a loop; when you send them, they appear thumbnail-sized.

To send one of these messages, just hold down on the camera icon to the right of the center button. To cancel the message, drag it to the X in the middle of the screen; otherwise, it sends as soon as you lift your finger.

5. Livestreaming

OK, this one is kind of cheating; technically, it's part of the video function. In addition to calling or video chatting with your friends, Chat 2.0 can also function like a livestream: Just choose the people you want to see the video and start rolling the camera. Your friends have the option of either ignoring you (womp, womp), sending a quick text, or joining in with their own video chat.

Happy Snapping!

Images: Claire Warner/Bustle (3), Snapchat (2)