Can You Sharpen The Kylie Lip Kit Liner? Here's How To Maximize These Creamy Pencils

The Kylie Lip Kit lip liners, which are an essential element of the Kylie Lip Kit package, are a dream. Really! The Kylie Lip Kit liners are pigmented, creamy, and they apply so smoothly, sans any pulling or tugging at sensitive lips and the surrounding delicate skin. You trace your pout with the liner and then fill in with the liquid matte lipstick and the result is a defined, high impact pucker. But what happens when the Kylie Lip Kit liner tip starts to dull or is worn down to a nub from repeat usage? Can you sharpen the Kylie Lip Kit liner?

Actually, you don't have a choice! You absolutely have to sharpen the liner, since it's a pencil. It's not a self-sharpening, twist up package, either. There is is no built-in sharpening mechanism. Therefore, you need to use a makeup pencil sharpener to maximize your KLK liner, the outer shell of which feels plastic-y.

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That said, there is a critical precaution you should take when doing so.

As noted by the Kylie Cosmetics team, the liner is designed to sharpen easily. Just make sure that your sharpener isn't dull, which could cause you to unintentionally break off a piece of the product, thereby wasting it.

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Also, I suggest that your Lip Kit liner has its own dedicated sharpener. I am careful not to use the same sharpener I would for my MAC Smolder black eyeliner, since I don't want chunks of black ending up on my pretty pink liner. No messes, thank you very much.

The liners really are necessary to help the user achieve that defined, Kylie Jenner lip look. You can use the liquid lipsticks sans liner. But it looks much better and more precise with the accompanying liner, which is perfectly color coordinated. No guesswork!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2)