The Answer To One Important Kylie Lip Kit Question

by Augusta Statz

Whether you’re already a proud lip kit owner or you’re just trying to talk yourself into getting one (as if you weren’t completely sold on the idea already), you may find yourself wondering one very important question. Can you sharpen the Kylie Lip Kit lip liner? Indeed you can. If you’ve used the liner before, I’m sure you’ve noticed its silky smooth application. Seriously. It’s the easiest thing ever (I know from first-hand experience). Obviously Kylie Jenner knows her stuff when it comes to all things lip related, and that’s why she would never let you down.

If you’ve been using your Lip Kit a bunch and you’ve already worn down the tip of the liner, you can feel free to go ahead and sharpen it. Even though the material outside the liner feels a bit like plastic, the Kylie Cosmetics website assures customers that the liner sharpens easily, but urges you to make sure your sharpener isn’t dull before using it. That’s some good advice. I’m sure you’d hate to waste your liner by accidentally breaking a chunk of it off in your sharpener, and Jenner’s company gets that. She’s always looking out for us, isn’t she?

So, there you have it, folks. These lip kits don’t seem to disappoint in any way, so get ready for the next time they launch. If you’re lucky, you’ll grab a hue or two and be sharpening those liners for months to come.

You're already obsessed with these lippies.

The lip liners won't disappoint, either. The fact that each Lip Kit comes with one makes this purchase even more solid.

KJ strikes again, giving you the most perfect pout around!

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