Will Jackie Chan Join The 'Rush Hour' Series? The CBS Reboot Won't Be The Same Without Him

With only hours left until the Rush Hour reboot premiere, the countdown to another aspect of our ongoing '90s nostalgia has officially begun. But before we submerse ourselves into the depths of yet another TV adaptation, there are a few things that are undoubtedly on every fan's mind, primarily involving the stars who made this buddy cop dynamic so successful in the first place. Will Jackie Chan ever appear in the Rush Hour series, for example? Obviously, he wouldn't be able to assume his original role as Detective Lee, considering Jon Foo is currently cast in the role. But a seeing him return for a small cameo would be pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, the odds of that happening seems pretty unlikely, at least for the time being.

After combing through the vast reaches of the internet, I found there to be very little talk of having Chan or Chris Tucker appear on the show in any capacity. Variety.com reported back in 2014 that Chan admitted to being approached about a potential Rush Hour 4 , but was unwilling to agree unless presented with a truly impressive script.

"Lately they want to make Rush Hour 4," Chan explained to the outlet. "I said ‘No, show me the script first. I don’t need another Rush Hour 4. You need Rush Hour 4. Show me the script.’ I don’t want to do a rubbish script just because they want to make the movie."

And that seems to be the extent of Chan's involvement in any aspect of the franchise, so I wouldn't bank on seeing him pop up in an episode anytime soon. But that's probably for the best and will allow the show a chance to step out of the films' shadow. However, that doesn't mean Chan's impressive action movies and comic flair won't still be missed, which why I've rounded up some of his best moments as Rush Hour's lovable Lee. Because while this may be the end of an era, that doesn't mean we can't go back and reminisce about what was.

1. When He Got In Touch With His Inner Dancer


Just two bros hanging out and busting a serious move.

2. When He Managed To Pull Off A Purple Bathrobe


And kick some serious butt in the process.

3. When He Threw Carter's Words Back At Him

Proving once and for all that he's just as sassy as his partner.

4. When He Reminded Carter About What Happens When You Assume

Upon first meeting, Carter jumped to the conclusion that Lee couldn't speak English — an assumption that Lee took his time in correcting in order to have a little fun with his new partner. Well played, my friend. Very well played.

5. When He Gets His "War" On

Honestly, this is probably the best moment in the entire franchise and one GIF simply can't do it justice. Watch the entire interaction below and bask in the wonder that is Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker:

MissyMichelleT on YouTube

So come on, CBS. Get these guys onboard.

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