A 'Rush Hour' TV Show? Yes, Please!

Drop everything you are doing right now and listen to this breaking news story: CBS is developing a Rush Hour TV series. And no, before you start pinching yourselves, this is not a dream. This is actually happening. Similar to the premise of the 1998 film — which starred the hilarious comedy duo Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker — the network's TV adaptation will center around a "stoic, by-the-book Hong Kong police officer" who gets assigned to a case in Los Angeles where he's forced to work alongside a "cocky African-American LAPD officer" who is zero percent happy that he's been assigned a partner. Inevitable comedy is sure to ensue.

So basically, it sounds pretty much exactly like the first movie. And that's totally OK, given that the films were downright hilarious. However, the main challenge is going to be acquiring a comedic pair that gelled as perfectly together as Chan and Tucker. (May I suggest Daniel Dae Kim and Damon Wayans Jr.? I know they're both already starring in different shows, but come on — how amazing would this be?!?!) Either way, given that original director Brett Ratner is already onboard with the project, I feel confident that the show can live up to the high standards set by the franchise.

But just in case they need a little help in that department, here are a few key things we hope they make sure to include. These, my friends, are the keys to any possible Rush Hour success.

Excessive Amounts of Dancing

So good. So necessary.

Breaking Down of Racial Barriers


Calling Out the Stereotypes

If we could somehow incorporate purple robes into the equation as well that would be great, thanks.

Lyrical Lessons 101

War, huh, yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Awesome Choreography

Please note: nudity is always encouraged, but not necessary.

Tons of Sass

From both leads.

Memorable Catch Phrases

No matter how many times we hear it, it never gets old.

An Epic Bromance

Could not be more adorable if they tried.

Did I Mention Dancing?

Because that's pretty much a deal breaker right there. Not gonna lie.

Images: New Line Cinema; Wifflegif (8); kdramanmore/Wordpress; gifseverywhere/Tumblr