Hillary Clinton Trumps The Donald

by April Siese

When it comes to inflammatory comments, Donald Trump has been on a roll this week. His misfires have been yuge, drawing the ire of both Democrats and Republicans with curious statements made about abortion during a town hall event on Wednesday. That same town hall in Appleton, Wisconsin, produced additional controversial comments regarding the GOP front-runner's proposed Muslim ban. Other candidates are responding to Trump's statements. Hillary Clinton's brilliant Donald Trump twitter takedown gives the real estate magnate a taste of his own medicine.

If you were to read the words "ignorant, reckless, and frankly absurd. Sad!" more often than not, you'd be doing so with the voice of the Donald narrating each adjective. Clinton co-opted Trump's bombastic language to highlight his seriously troubling remarks made about the consequences of his ban on Muslims from entering the country. When asked by MSNBC's Chris Matthews whether such a policy would deter those banned from joining ISIS, Trump had this to say:

I don't know, maybe they'll be more disposed to fight ISIS. Maybe they'll say, "We want to come back into America, we've got to solve this problem."

It's doubtful that using an alienating, discriminatory tactic that bars an entire religion from entering the country would somehow inspire an innate nationalism compelling Muslims to potentially beg to enter the United States. Then again, Trump is the type of person who claims nationalism and passion as the key, admirable ingredients behind the violence permeating his rallies.

Clinton is having none of the Donald's troubling policies, looking to beat Trump at his own game through social media channels like Twitter and Snapchat. The latter app has been absolutely alight with criticisms of Trump's policies set to the background of his signature red trucker hats. One Snapchat features Trump sporting a red hat with the word "unacceptable" written all in caps on the front.

The former secretary of state followed things up with a video of her response to what Trump had to say about abortion as well as fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders' condemnation of the Donald's statement. The gesture marked a small sign of unity within the party, though Clinton and Sanders certainly aren't alone in calling out Trump. Republican candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich have similarly followed suit, though none quite as humorously as Clinton. Sad indeed!