Rob Ford's New YouTube Show 'Ford Nation': 8 Crazy Shenanigans We Expect to See

Just when we thought the era of infectious, incendiary Rob Ford YouTube videos was over, Ford himself has chosen to start a Rob Ford YouTube talk show. In case you've been somehow blocking all Canadian news, Ford is the mayor of Toronto who smokes crack, has decidedly racist and homophobic opinions, and goes missing for large parts of the workday. The YouTube show will be called Ford Nation , and it is Rob's extension of the cancelled Sun News Network show of the same name. Rob and brother Doug Ford have created the show to discuss local politics and to campaign for reelection in October 2014. They also may have created the show to combat the upcoming TV deals for the tell-all book by Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle, aptly named Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story.

Here we've gathered some of the real problems with their first segment of Ford Nation and have offered some ways in which it's possible Rob Ford will embarrass himself once again.

8. Crack might be smoked

By now, Rob Ford is ubiquitously known as "that Canadian mayor who smokes crack" and part of the reason for producing Ford Nation, it seems, is to try to regain some of his reformist image amid all of his personal allegations and upcoming legal battle. But who knows, if Ford goes into a "drunken stupor," anything is possible.

7. YouTube might mark his content "over 18"

Rob Ford loves to swear. He loves to swear when he does drunken racist impressions, he loves to call bullshit, and he loves to swear in front of children. Perhaps his show will become as NSFW as his press conferences, and YouTube will have to make it an over 18 video.

6. His rage might eclipse his politics

While many politicians seem too calm, Rob Ford gets worked up about everything. His angry bumbling generally makes whatever pickle he's in worse, but you never know, it could also make for entertaining YouTube content.

5. Women may be harmed in the making of this YouTube video

Although the format of Ford's talk show seems mostly seated... let's hope he never has to run away. Or maybe the next time he tries to bowl over a member of his city's council, she can have some warning and get her hockey pads ready.

4. He might put his foot in his mouth... again

So far in his scandal-heavy term as mayor, talking has gotten Rob Ford in trouble. Why does he think a new talk show will get him out of it?

3. He will bring up his Toronto pedigree

Rob is not the first Ford to rule in Canada, and his family history is as messed up as his excuses for smoking crack. While Rob's brother Doug Ford Jr. appears on the show, his family history holds most of the drama. According to Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story , Doug Ford Sr. was known for his temper, having once polygraphed his entire family (including his ex-wife and her husband) to locate a hidden stash of money he kept in a wall. At least now we know where Mayor Ford's incendiary outbursts come from. Here's a clip from his first YouTube episode that shows his family pride.

2. He will deny having a substance abuse problem

Although Rob Ford has admitted to smoking crack, he has consistently denied having a substance abuse problem. In non-Fordian reality, though, throwing off the phrase "one of my drunken stupors" casually is probably a sign of a problem. Watch him once again forget the first step is admitting you have a problem, on the second segment in his first Youtube show.

1. He will campaign for reelection

Amidst criminal investigations into his behavior and calls for his resignation, Rob Ford is campaigning for reelection. Although the Canadian polls and pundits have wavered on whether Ford will make a viable candidate, Rob and Doug seem relatively confident on the show that the issues will prevail, and everyone will forget about Rob's non-existent substance abuse, racism, homophobia, sexism, and gross incompetence problems. Watch the first episode of the cancelled TV version of Ford Nation for a taste of what's to come on Youtube.

Image: Getty Images