Birthday Girl Jennifer Aniston's 10 Funniest Moments From 'Friends' to 'Office Space'

Take a deep breath before you read this next line: today, February 11, Jennifer Aniston turns 45. You still okay? Not freaking out? Well, good for you, because the idea that Aniston could look as good as she does at age 45 is more than a little disconcerting to us.

Age gripes aside, Aniston, at 45, is as funny, cool, and likable as ever. She's happily engaged, rocking a new haircut, and enjoying a career second act that's making even her biggest detractors do a double take. Starting with a hilarious turn in 2011's Horrible Bosses, Aniston has spent the last few years showing off her comedic skills to much critical acclaim. And now, she's just signed on to star in and executive produce Cake , a dark comedy bound to be a showcase for the actress' talents.

Some people may be surprised that Aniston, an actress with a resume full of dull rom-coms, can play funny so well, but devoted fans know that Aniston's comedic talents are nothing new. In honor of her birthday, let's take a look back at some of Aniston's funniest moments.

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by Rachel Simon

'The One Where Ross Finds Out' on 'Friends'

In this classic season two episode, Rachel leaves a drunk message for Ross, telling him how she’s so “over” him and “that, my friend, is what they call closure.” Aniston plays drunk well, but the funniest moment of the episode is later on, when, the day after, a hungover Rachel remembers the voicemail right as Ross decides to check his messages. Her measures to stop him from listening may be a bit… extreme, but they make for some great comedy. Watch it here.

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Every Scene in 'Horrible Bosses'

Watching Aniston in 2011’s Horrible Bosses must’ve come as a big shock to fans who’d never seen her raunchier side, as the movie showed off the actress’ no-limits attitude when it came to talking and acting dirty. Every scene she’s in is hilarious, but this two-minute segment is by far the funniest. Watch it here.

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Testing the Vibrating Bra on 'Ellen'

Aniston, a close friend of Ellen DeGeneres, is a frequent presence on the latter’s talk show, and so like any regular guest, she’s suffered through many of DeGeneres’ pranks and activities. By far, though, the most memorable — and funniest — moment was when DeGeneres made Aniston try on a vibrating bra. “Am I getting milked?” Aniston asked. Watch it here.

Image: The Ellen Show

'The One With Ross' Tan' on 'Friends'

This season ten episode of Friends would be one of the series’ best even if it didn’t involve Rachel slapping Joey every time he tried to make a move. There’s Ross’ terrible spray-on tan, Jennifer Coolidge’s hilarious guest-starring turn, and Monica finding out that she’s “scrappy.” Rachel’s constant, pitch-perfect reaction to Joey’s advances just add to an already fantastic episode. Watch it here.

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Guest-Starring on 'Cougar Town'

Aniston has participated in several mini-Friends reunions over the years, including a guest appearance as a loony therapist on Courteney Cox’s Cougar Town in 2010. As she’s proven before, Aniston plays wacky better than anyone. Watch it here.

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Seducing Jack on '30 Rock'

That song. That performance. That fedora. “Jackie-bear” may not have been happy with Aniston crashing his party, but 30 Rock fans sure were. Watch it here.

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This Interview for 'We're The Millers'

Mila Kunis’ now-viral interview with Radio 1’s Chris Stark may be the funniest, but Aniston’s turn with the awkward journalist is a close second. It’s too great to quote – just watch it here instead.

Image: BBC Radio 1

Quitting Her Job in 'Office Space'

Few people seem to remember that Aniston had a major role in Office Space, the 1999 cult classic about workers fed up with their jobs. As Joanna, a miserable, “flair”-wearing waitress at a T.G.I. Fridays-type restaurant, Aniston was hilarious. The scene in which she, filled with pent-up rage, finally quits her job is one of the best of the movie. Watch a short clip of it here.

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Teaching Her "Son" How to Kiss in 'We're the Millers'

We’re the Millers might’ve been a bit of a disappointment, but Aniston stole every scene as Rose, a stripper hired by a drug dealer to pose as his fake wife. Her best scene is when she teaches her fake “son” to kiss; it’s weird, it’s uncomfortable, and, thanks to Aniston, it’s very, very funny. Watch it here.

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The College Flashbacks on 'Friends'

Whenever Friends showed the gang back in college, it was bound to be a funny episode. All of the actors played convincing ’80s teens, but Aniston, as a pre-nose job Rachel willing to hookup with any college guy, even Chandler, was consistently the funniest. Watch one clip here.

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