This Is The Cutest Google Maps Easter Egg

Just in time for April Fools' Day, there appears to be a Funky Town pegman in Google Maps. Software developers, and especially those at Google, are known for their penchant for leaving these sorts of jokes hidden deep within a program's code; last year, one such Easter egg turned Google Maps into an angry matriarch who would threaten to withhold ice cream if you kept asking, "Are we there yet?" After years of secret messages and in-jokes left behind by software developers, the denizens of the Internet know to keep an eye out for anything... funky, and earlier this week, the eagle-eyed people of Android Police spotted code for what appears to be a disco-themed Pegman. (For the not-so-technologically-proficient, Pegman is the little yellow figure you drag and drop during Google Street View.)

Sure enough, if you use the desktop version of Google Maps to navigate to Minneapolis, Minnesota, your bald, naked Pegman is transformed into a gloriously shaggy, bearded Pegman clad in an ever-so-disco purple jumpsuit. According to Android Police, the code even lists, "You're moving too fast for Funky Town."

Coincidence? I think not. Minneapolis is the birthplace of the 1979 hit, "Funkytown," written by Lipps, Inc., and Android Police reports that there appears to be code for playing the song as well.

Pegman has never looked more fabulous. As long as you're using desktop, you can play around with the Funky Town Pegman on your own; personally, I enjoy having him give me a tour of downtown Minneapolis. There's no funkier way to waste time while you prepare yourself for tomorrow's April Fools' Day pranks — and why not add a little theme music?