Andrew & James Get Along, Says 'RHOP's Katie Rost

by Kayla Hawkins

On Real Housewives of Potomac Katie Rost's boyfriend Andrew Martin has seemed right at home with Katie and her three kids from a previous marriage. But, do Katie's ex-husband James Orsini and Andrew get along? James hasn't appeared on The Real Housewives of Potomac, but he does seem to be fine with the idea of a new person in Katie's life. According to an interview Katie did with OK! magazine, she thinks James likes Andrew and even is happy for her. "I think that [James] is elated. He knows that it’s good for the kids for them to have someone stable in their life and that I’m not kind of just bringing random people around them at least," Katie claimed to OK! Bustle reached out to James for comment, but has not yet received a reply.

"[James has] got [Andrew] on speed dial, so I think that [James] appreciates that there is consistency," Katie added in her OK! interview. So, that might mean that at this point, Andrew is a co-parent to James & Katie's three kids. Even though this isn't a typical family arrangement, Katie told Radar Online that she and James are working out their issues and that "he's a great father." So, that makes the Rost-Orsini-Martins a successful, happy blended family — and here's some examples of how cute Katie, Andrew, James, and all the kids are together.

Andrew Fits In Seamlessly

Andrew certainly doesn't hold back from spending time with the entire Rost-Orsini clan, and that includes playing with the kids and helping Katie take care of him.

There's Quality Time With The Grandparents

Katie's mother, Rynthia Rost, does not look old enough to be a grandmother — Katie has some fantastic genes — but she dotes on her adorable grandkids.

Andrew Does Some Heavy Lifting On Holidays

At Thanksgiving dinner, Andrew was the one carrying Katie's son James Rocco at the celebration. Spending such a big holiday with the family proves that Andrew is clearly important to not just Katie, but to her kids.

James Gets Some #TBT Shoutouts

As a tribute to James Rocco's birthday, Katie posted this photo of James Sr. meeting his son for the first time.

Early Morning School Runs

Looks like Andrew has elementary school drop off duty, while Katie watches from the safety of the car. A fine-tuned school routine is crucial in a household with three small kids, and these two have it all figured out.

Andrew Massages Katie's Feet

After a long day working and taking care of the three kids, Andrew rightfully treats his lady to a foot massage. You're making the average boyfriend look pretty bad right now, buddy.

And, Possibly, A Proposal

The trailers for the Real Housewives of Potomac finale have really played up the possibility of Andrew and Katie getting engaged while taking a break from the kids and visiting her farm. And, whether they choose to make things official or just continue their existing arrangement, Andrew has proven that he fits perfectly into this unconventional family, and has been welcomed by Katie, her kids, her parents, their friends, and, it seems, even Katie's ex James.

Image: Larry French/Bravo