Photos Of Katie Rost & Ex-Husband James Orsini Reveal Her Pre-'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Life

Among the ladies on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Katie Rost has a reputation: She's the lady who's been trying desperately to convince her longtime boyfriend, Andrew Martin, to marry her, often with some hilarious results (like the time they made out while in front of everyone). But, if Katie's first marriage ended quickly, then why would she be so eager to get married again? Well, take a look at these photos of Katie Rost & her ex-husband James Orsini, and you'll see that while these two may have only been married for a few years, they did have some sweet moments, particularly at their wedding and once their son, James Rocco, was born. Ultimately, though, when she was pregnant with their twin daughters, Kathryn and Renee, Katie left James and moved back to Potomac to be closer to her family. Quickly, her mother introduced her to Andrew, and the rest is history.

But, look at these old photos. While Andrew seems to have endless patience for Katie's hijinks, including her insatiable thirst for marriage, initially, it seemed like it was Katie and James who were a perfect match. The Washington Post reported on the Rost-Orsini wedding and made it sound like they were the couple truly destined to be together. So, let's revisit Katie's happy memories from her marriage with these sweet photos.

James & Katie's Wedding Photo

While their marriage didn't last very long, James and Katie's wedding photo is absolutely adorable. You can see just how much these two were in love back when they got married.

And, A Closer Look At Katie For Good Measure

The makeup! The crown detail! Katie's ability to pull off rouching! It's a miracle of a wedding day photo from fall 2011.

Katie Rocking Her Baby Bump

Check out Katie's baby bump, while she was still together with James. Eventually, that bump would get a lot bigger — Katie was actually pregnant with her twin girls, now two and a half.

James Working Hard

Here's James speaking on a panel at the Clara Maass Medical Center in NJ back in 2015. James has become of the area's most well-respected oncologists, according to his company's website.

Katie's Modeling Bridespiration

A Twitter fan shared a Bravo screenshot of Katie from 2011 when she did some modeling while dressed up in another beautiful wedding dress. Not only does Katie have tons of presence on camera, but she looks just as good in this dress as she did in her actual wedding gown.

James & James Rocco Bonding

Check out this picture, posted on Katie's Instagram to celebrate son James Rocco's fourth birthday. James (Sr.) looks so proud of him newborn son.

And James Rocco's First Birthday

And, here's Katie, with the now one-year-old James Rocco and some cute bangs.

Katie Relaxing

The rare photo where Katie's not with the kids. Whether she was taking a trip with James or just doing some modeling work, she's enjoying some kind of vacation.

James In The Crowd

As a successful doctor, James attends events like this one, hosted by the Northern New Jersey Council, celebrating the work of his fellow doctors.

Katie & James (& James) Playing In The Snow

More cuteness from baby James Rocco and Katie, with what looks like grown-up Dad James there in the background.

Before they split up, Katie Rost and James Orsini made a cute couple. Even though the RHOP star is with her boyfriend, Andrew, she can still look back on these pics and revisit some happy memories from her first marriage.