When Will Glosses By Kylie Jenner Go On Sale?

by Rosie Narasaki

The increasingly entrepreneurial youngest Kardashian-Jenner has some big news: In addition to her mega-popular Lip Kits, she'll soon be selling lip glosses. So, when will glosses by Kylie Jenner go on sale? Well, luckily for us, very, very soon: She dropped a sort of music video (I qualify "music video" with "sort of," because it doesn't feature much actual singing) to celebrate the launch, and it revealed that the new glosses will be released on Apr. 1, AKA tomorrow. It's also April Fool's Day, so hopefully this isn't some sort of elaborate prank.

Let's assume it's not, though, and get ready to shop, because if her recently sold out Kourt K Lip Kit is any indication, her new glosses are going to sell like hotcakes. Heck, her highly-anticipated Lip Kit restock earlier this week created such a flurry of online activity that it broke Google Analytics, when a staggering 200,000 people logged on to the KylieCosmetics website at the same time. Hopefully, they're now fully equipped to handle the cavalcade of gloss-shoppers that are sure to log in tomorrow — or else, the girlsquad-led, lip gloss (and money)-fueled melee featured in her music video-ish commercial may just end up being prophetic.

What do you think? Will you be saving a virtual place in line online tomorrow to score the Kylie's latest new product? So far, we've only officially glimpsed the bubblegum pink shade she sports in the video, but the rest of the shades are sure to be similarly stylish. People even posits that they may have guessed the shade names — after all, the phrases "Gametime," "Like," "Literally," and "So Cute," all appear on screen in the video.

Hopefully, this all turns out to be real, and not some elaborate April Fool's prank — because the new glosses will make the perfect accoutrement to her matte Lip Kits.