This 'Pretty Little Liars' Theory About AD Might Explain A Lot About The Dollhouse

The Pretty Little Liars Season 6 finale revealed many things, all of which were totally bonkers. We finally learned a little bit more about Charlotte's backstory which, as it turns out, Big A may have been keeping from the Liars this entire time. The finale "Hush, Hush Sweet Liars" finally revealed the truth about Charlotte's parentage: though she was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth, Charlotte is actually the biological daughter of Jessica's identical twin sister, Mary Drake. Given that Charlotte used the name "Cece Drake" as her alias, it's pretty clear that Charlotte likely knew her mother in some capacity, and we can probably no longer trust the story that Charlotte told Ali in "Game Over, Charles." But, maybe it's not just Charlotte's mother that she's been hiding. We know that the new Uber A isn't Mary, but someone who goes by the name AD. Now, it seems that there's a chance that Charlotte and AD were working together in the dollhouse — and it might explain everything.

Pretty Little Liars may have pressed the reset button when the series jumped forward five years, but it turns out that Charlotte is way more integral to the plot than we could have ever expected. (Despite, you know, being dead and stuff.) AD is clearly seeking revenge on Charlotte's murderer, and Charlotte's mother and boyfriend are both in on the game. If AD isn't Mary or Dr. Rollins, AD might actually be a person who worked with Charlotte as a member of the A team, and was angry when his mentor was killed.

The first clue that Charlotte and Sara may have had a third person working with them in the dollhouse was the man that we saw in the dollhouse. Though at the time, we thought this to be A, A was later revealed to be Charlotte — so it couldn't have been her. So, what if this was actually AD?

Though we don't have confirmation that AD is actually male, the flash forward at the end of Season 6A (a scene we haven't actually gotten to yet) shows the girls rushing into Ali's classroom to warn her that "he" is coming. Though it's possible that this "he" could be Dr. Rollins (we do find out that he's secretly British and trying to steal the Carissimi fortune) Ali still signs her name as "Mrs. Rollins" on the board of her classroom, hinting that, possibly, it's not Rollins they're referring to. Could it be AD, the other figure in the dollhouse, that the Liars finally learn the identity of?

Furthermore, a male partner working in the dollhouse might also explain how Charlotte was able to construct such an elaborate place of torture with so little help. Charlotte may have had a real partner this entire time, and it could be the very same person that the Liars are running from now.

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