Pranks For Adults Who Have A Sense Of Humor

You've probably spent a lot of time today racking your brains for April Fool's Day pranks for adults, and I get that, we're not above the holiday. It's never not fun to play a prank on someone. So long as it's in good fun and isn't going to get someone hurt ... and so long as clowns are not involved ever, because clowns.

Personally, my favorite pranks are the ones that appear to be disgusting but are not; fake excretion and faked bodily functions ... I'm a whoopee cushion, rubber poop girl for life. If you pick the right targets and the right pranks, April Fool's Day can be a lot of fun, a concept antithetical to my feelings on the matter when I was a kid. When I was in elementary school, the boy I liked asked me out and gave me a rose on April 1 and then spent April 2 through 30 making fun of me for believing he actually liked me. For the rest of my time as a gullible elementary schooler, I'd always make sure to remind myself when April Fool's Day was coming so that I could remember not to believe anything anyone said on or around the date.

In the spirit of being prank positive, here are some of my favorites. They're mostly harmless and very funny.

Wandering Pisser

Take a water bottle in the bathroom with you and aim a light stream at your neighboring bathroom-goer. This makes a lot more sense for men, but it's totally doable for women, too. Just make sure you have a chance to let the person know it's a prank, after you get them good. Otherwise, it might get ugly.

Fridge Forager

This prank takes precision, but has a definite pay off. You have to be careful about who and when you prank. You don't want to get someone who's on the phone or carrying something that might be damaged. Otherwise, it's a totally harmless gag, with guaranteed satisfaction on your end.

High Five Slime

This is so simple. Slather your hand in your favorite gooey substance, you can use petroleum jelly, lube, gel, anything clear and slimy. And then go get your high five on. Give all your buddies a high five and keep walking. Let them sit and wonder what's on their hand in solitude, it will strengthen the mystery.

Clear Wrap The Toilet

Maybe don't do this in your own home if you don't want to clean it up. Put a piece of clear wrap across the toilet bowl. Wait for someone to do their business and scream when their business is stuck sitting there just an inch below them or pooling on the bathroom floor. They'll be mortified. You'll be laughing for weeks.

Tape Airhorn To Office Chair

Airhorns have a tiny little button on top of their canister that releases the awful sound of the horn. Tape a canister to the base of your friends office chair and watch them sit down and freak out. The weight of the seat will trigger the button and your coworker will have quite a surprise.

Images: Pixabay