How Many Kylie Lip Kit Glosses Are There?

by Jessica Thomas

The fervor surrounding the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Glosses is actually kind of insane, but I have to admit I gave into the hype and totally watched the music video she released for the launch like, 15 times. One question kept popping up at the back of my mind though. How many Kylie Lip Kit Glosses are there?

Luckily, Jenner knew her fans would have the same question, so she turned to Instagram to give us more information about the launch. When the Kylie Lip Kit Glosses are released April 1, Jenner will release three Lip Kit Glosses. The names? "Like," "Literally" and "So Cute." Totally makes sense, right? In the video, each of Jenner's three cohorts is wearing a different color lipgloss, and it turns out it was because they were wearing the three colors that she's releasing on April 1.

The colors are all varying shades of brown, with "Like" being the lightest and "So Cute" being the darkest. It's not that surprising that Jenner is sticking to brown shades — after all, she's previously released nude and brown Lip Kit colors, and they're super popular. And the names (which are all one or two words) are totally reminiscent of Jenner's Lip Kits.

Of course Jenner had to post a video of her opening the package of the Lip Kit Glosses.

Here's all three colors outside of the package.

Seeing it on skin is the best way to tell how the tones look.

And this video shows the texture of the gloss better. Considering how matte Jenner's Lip Kits are, I love how shiny and supple the formula of the Glosses looks.

I had to see how they looked on people as well. I turned to the music video for that information.

Here's how each looks on the other actresses in the vid.


Like is the lightest color in the bunch, and the basic nude shade looks so good on.


How shiny does this gloss look? I literally can't wait to get my hands on some (pun intended).

So Cute

The deepest shade in the collection, so cute looks so good on. I'm a little surprised by how natural it looks considering the color is pretty dark.

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Images: Kylie Cosmetics/YouTube