Reggie Is Not To Be Messed With On 'The Catch'

by Caitlin Flynn

In a twist that surely shocked no one, it's been made abundantly clear that Christopher is not over Alice. Heck, he even went through the effort of stealing a $12 million painting as a parting gift — which totally does not make up for lying to her for a year, but A for effort. Meanwhile, Christopher's partner Reggie on The Catch has no time for his lovesick pal's antics. When Christopher admits that he fell in love with Alice during their time together, Reggie goes a step further than telling him to snap out of it — he warns Christopher that if Margot finds out, "there will be no Alice." Apparently when one is a con artist, brutal honesty often comes with an accompanying death threat. (So, their lives aren't all glitz and glamour like the trailers lead us to believe.)

Two episodes into The Catch, there's one thing I know for certain — Reggie is a character who totally deserves more screentime. Here's what we know about him so far, courtesy of his official ABC character bio:

Reginald Lennox, III is Ben's partner — the 008 to his 007 — the mouthy, ladies'-man Sundance to his Butch Cassidy. Reggie, as he's called, has all of Ben's skills and resources as an master conman, but he isn't burdened by Ben's sense of morality and is a stone-cold killer when he needs to be. Reggie's fiercely loyal to his crime family knows Ben's playing with fire when it comes to Alice Vaughan and keeping secrets from Margot.

I don't know about you, but the "stone-cold killer" line makes me a little nervous. Honestly, I'd be seriously worried that he'd kill off Alice by next week — but, luckily, Mireille Enos has top billing so we can rest assured that she'll remain in one piece for the rest of the season. But, Reggie's going to have his hands full keeping Christopher in check — as it turns out, it's not easy being a con artist in love.

If Reggie looks familiar, it's because Alimi Ballard is no stranger to the small screen. Although The Catch is his first foray into ShondaLand, '90s kids may recognize him from his role as Quizmaster Albert on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He's kept busy since then, with recurring roles on Dark Angel, Numb3rs, and CSI. If the first two episodes of The Catch are any indication, this could be a major breakout role for Ballard — he's owned every scene he's in and I can't wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for his character.

Image: John Fleenor/ABC