Will Alice & Christopher Get Back Together On 'The Catch'? His Feelings May Be His Downfall

He did a top-notch job conning Alice, but it turns out that Christopher is something of a hopeless romantic at heart. Remember that $12 million painting he left as a parting gift for her in the pilot? Well, it turns out he stole the real thing, then hired a forger to paint a fraud that is now displayed in the gallery. (What a guy!) And, he just keeps finding excuses to hang around Los Angeles and follow his ex-fiancée. I mean, he's basically begging to be caught. So, will Alice and Christopher get back together on The Catch? Something tells me that ship has sailed and Christopher really blew it when he, you know, lied to her about his identity for a full year. While he is pining away, Alice is busy setting a trap and Christopher better watch out — because hell hath no fury like a private investigator who has been the victim of an elaborate con.

Sophie, Alice's overachieving protégé who has worked as a lawyer and a hacktivist, tracks down the identity of the forger and figures out that Christopher cherry picks his aliases from obituaries in The Tribune. (Seriously, Alice, give this woman a raise.) As the episode comes to a close, Alice & Co. are one step ahead of Christopher — Alice calls in an obituary for one Michael Peter Thorne and he takes the bait. Benjamin Jokes aka Christopher Hall is now Michael Peter Thorne. Another point for #TeamAlice.

The trap is clever, but Christopher's real downfall may be something far more simple — this lovesick con artist just can't get Alice out of his mind. As he works on his latest con, Christopher can't stop talking about Alice. He confesses to his partner, Reggie, that he loves Margot but he's in love with Alice even though he didn't want it to happen. The trouble is, he's in a bit of a pickle — Margot will most definitely have Alice offed if she learns of this harsh truth. Plus, although she admits to having lingering feelings, I highly doubt Alice is going to accept an apology from Christopher — so this is one awkward, doomed love triangle.

And, for a con artist, Christopher is pretty transparent. Margot totally suspects that he's in love with Alice and it certainly doesn't help that he can't stop talking about her — even when he's wooing his newest victim, Princess Zara Al-Salim. He waxes nostalgic about how he lost someone because he wasn't "brave enough." (Those aren't the words I would have used, but OK.)

Alice's plan is undeniably clever, but I wouldn't be surprised if Christopher gives in and goes to her willingly. What will happen then? Well, it's anyone's guess — but I think we can eliminate "kiss and make up" from the list of possibilities.

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