8 Tips For Feeling Less Tired & Looking Energized

Good morning! Your alarm clock is blaring, the sun is peeking through your window, and you're seriously regretting that one last episode of House of Cards you decided to stream at midnight. Okay, maybe it's not such a "good" morning, after all. It happens. But now you're running late, have no idea what to wear, and you're staring hopelessly into your coffee mug as if it'll reveal the secret to feeling less tired and looking less like you're still asleep. Spoiler: Your coffee mug can't give you all of life's answers, but the caffeinated elixir inside can certainly help!

While coffee's likely already incorporated into your morning routine roundup, there are a few things you can start doing before bed and as soon as you wake up to liven up your morning mood. Why put in the effort? Getting a better night's rest will help you face the next day with more energy — and without dark under eye circles to hide, you could significantly shorten your morning routine. Whether you're being proactive about blocking irritating light pollution, or you're nixing your bedtime screen-gazing habit, waking up looking well-rested is easy when you're actually getting a full night's sleep. To help you look as bright and refreshed as you should feel, here are a few easy ways to feel less tired. (And for those who know a full night's sleep is just not going to happen this week — we've all been there — here are a few tricks for looking more awake, too.)

1. Wear A Contoured Eye Mask To Block Light While Sleeping

Kamossa Lavender Sleep Mask , $10, Amazon

Artificial light, especially blue light from your computer screen, can keep you from getting a restful sleep. This face mask not only blocks your roommate's night owl tendencies, but its deeply contoured design keeps the mask from pressing uncomfortably against your eyes, or crushing your lashes during a midday nap. It comes with a travel case and a set of ear buds, and users say its lightweight material leaves your face free of any unwanted mask lines. If artificial light in your home is keeping you awake, your body's likely not releasing as much melatonin (a naturally occurring hormone that helps you sleep, in addition to boosting your immune system) as it could be. This face mask corrects the problem to give you a more energized, brighter-looking morning.

2. Use Caffeine In Your Morning Beauty Routine, Too

Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub, $15, Amazon

Coffee can make you feel more alert when you drink it, but did you know its antioxidant properties can make you look more awake, too, when applied topically? This 100 percent organic coffee, coconut and shea butter scrub uses caffeine to restrict blood vessels in the skin, which can decrease morning puffiness and lighten up dark circles. Not to mention, the exfoliation improves circulation and increases your cell's turnover, resulting in a brighter complexion over time. One user said, "The yummy coffee aroma is to die for! The first time I tried it in the shower, it left my skin feeling really silky soft, baby smooth."

3. Spritz Face With Cold Water For Instant Invigoration

DG Sports Portable Water Cooler Mist, $16, Amazon

One of the easiest ways to look energized is to splash yourself with chilled water: It shrinks capillaries in your face to reduce redness, and makes pores appear smaller. When getting to a sink just isn't an option, this personal water cooler mist lets you carry chilled water right in your bag. The pump-operated bottle requires no batteries, so it will never fail to make you feel amazing after a particularly sweaty day outside. One user said, "Once you pump it up, the mist will last quite a while. Also, it is compact and has a wrist band, so it is easy to carry around."

4. Reduce Anxiety Before Bed With Calming Lavender Diffusion

Now Foods Wood Grain Oil Diffuser , $37, Amazon; Pure Lavender Essential Oil, $11, Amazon

This happens to the best of us: You're nodding off, your night mask is ready to go, but there's just that one thing from work still floating around in your brain. If stressful thoughts are your last focus before bed, try using an oil diffuser to emit anxiety-reducing essential oils. According to studies commissioned by the University of Maryland Medical Center, lavender oil can improve relaxation and enhance sleep quality. In addition to reducing stress, this sleekly-designed wood grain diffuser will add to any space's decor. As for an essential oil to fill it with, Pure Lavender Essential Oil is a No. 1 best-seller because of its therapeutic blend. One user even said, "I use it in my diffuser before I go to bed and puts me into relaxation mode and is wonderful!"

5. Decrease LED Light Exposure When Winding Down

Kindle, $80, Amazon

Checking emails or surfing sites from a laptop before bed is a recipe for restless sleep and looking groggy the next day. Instead, try winding down before bed by reading from this tablet that more closely resembles a printed book. The glare-free standard Kindle isn't backlit like many mainstream tablets, so it's better for reading without straining your eyes. According to the director of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School Charles Czeisler, the standard Kindle e-reader is an exception to the findings that most electronic gadgets leave users groggy and sleepy the next day. This one holds thousands of books, and a single battery charge will last you for weeks. So: Witty autobiography or suspenseful thriller?

6. Stay Hydrated — But Time It Correctly

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle , $15, Amazon

Keeping a bottle of water nearby can remind you to properly hydrate throughout the day. Dehydration can lead to tired, dried-out skin in the morning. To make drinking H2O a little more enjoyable, try this infuser water bottle. It has a compartment for fruits to add flavor, which will make you want to reach for the bottle more often! Chugging a bottle of water within one hour of bedtime will likely cause you to wake up throughout the night needing to pee — making it even tougher to get the right amount of shut-eye. That's why it's important to get yourself a bottle that you're proud to tote all day, and turn around that skin dehydration cycle.

7. Lock In Skin Moisture With Energizing Ginseng

Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer, $19, Amazon

Once you've got a regular hydration routine down, lock in that moisture to keep your face bright, clear, and refreshed. This energizing, oil-free face moisturizer does just that with the added benefits of coffee bean and ginseng for extra invigoration. Ginseng's anti-inflammatory properties will continue to bring down puffiness and that "just-woke-up" swelling. Plus, your skin will be better fortified against looking tired around 4 p.m.

8. Exercise A Little Bit, Every Day

Yoga Wheel By Seigla , $40, Amazon

We don't mean you need to spend hours at the gym every day, but getting a little exercise in every day is scientifically proven to keep you more energized. While trekking to the gym can be tough for anyone, a simple stretch and workout you can do at home can be a great daily alternative. This yoga wheel helps you open up your back, spine, and chest for improved flexibility and core strength. Its material is antimicrobial to keep things hygienic. One user said, "The tread is surprisingly cushiony and comfortable for backbends, and the wheel itself is sturdy enough to support your full weight for balances."

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