Praise Yeezus! 'The Life Of Pablo' Is On Spotify

by Melissah Yang

Praise Yeezus! Kanye West's The Life Of Pablo finally dropped on Spotify Thursday evening, more than a month after the album was officially released on Tidal. The Pablo Escobar/Pablo Picasso/Pablo someone-inspired album was also available for streaming on Apple Music as well as could be purchased on West's website.

West previously claimed his seventh album would be exclusive to Tidal, which he co-owns, but when his TLOP collaboration with Rihanna, "Famous," showed up on Spotify last week, fans got the sense that Pablo would make an appearance on the rival streaming site. Ultimately, putting it on Spotify and other streaming sites was a smart business move: While Pablo boosted Tidal subscriptions, the release was also reportedly pirated more than half a million times. No need to lose out on making a pretty penny just because of pride.

Pablo was largely well-received by critics, even when epic Twitter rants threatened to derail any of West's musical progression. But the album is hardly emblematic of those iconic College Dropout and Late Registration days. Perhaps Yeezy needs to spend less time tweeting and more time in the studio. Yeah, I said it.

Check out The Life Of Pablo below — because I'm assuming you didn't have a Tidal subscription to begin with.