6 Tattoo Ideas That Are Unique & Easy To Hide

I totally admire people who are covered in ink. As someone without tattoos, I imagine they love showing off their growing collection. But then there's me — the one who craves some body art, as long as it's a tattoo that's easy to hide. You know, something unique and meaningful, just not too obvious.

When that's the case, there are usually a number of factors at work. Maybe you have an office dress code to keep in mind, or the begging, pleading wishes of your mother. Or, maybe you just like subtly, and love the idea of some art that's small and hidden and just for you.

Whatever your reason, don't worry — there are plenty of places to tuck away a little tattoo or two. Simply keep in mind your wardrobe and your hairstyle (AKA, how easy will this be to cover up?), as well as your own personal preferences. Is this something you won't mind seeing every day?

I know, these are questions that are pretty difficult to answer. So here are a few location suggestions to get your gears turning.

1. Hidden On The Back Of The Neck

Back of the neck tattoos are where it's at if you want something versatile. All you have to do is let your hair down, or throw on a scarf, and boom — the tattoo doesn't exist. But put your hair up, or chop it off, and that thing is going to be on full display.

It's also a pretty good spot for the highly distractible. You know, those of us who will end up staring at our new ink all. day. long. If that sounds like a possibility, then tucking your tattoo literally out of sight might be a good idea.

2. Tucked Behind The Ear

As with the back of the neck tattoo, a tattoo behind the ear can be pretty subtle. According to Kaylin Pound on EliteDaily.com, "Tucking a tat being your ear not only looks awesome, but also lets you show off some stunning body art while still being somewhat discreet."

Of course, how discreet it is depends what you get. But some designs are so incredibly delicate (like this heart tattoo), that they aren't much of a commitment at all. You'll probably even forget it's there until some admirer points it out.

3. Blending In On The Bicep

As far as uniqueness goes, I don't think bicep tattoos have really caught on yet. Sure, Miley Cyrus has one (and it looks really great), but I still don't see many on the street. This is a shame, in my opinion, because they really are beautiful.

They're also about as subtle as it gets. Bicep tattoos are tucked on your inner arm, out of sight. And when visible, they almost appear to be a muscle shadow, or some sort of crease in your arm. So maybe I do see them all the time, but don't even realize? (Mind blown.)

Whatever the case may be, bicep tattoos are definitely not something that will horrify your boss.

4. Mingling With Your Rings

OK, so maybe you think a hand tattoo is glaringly obvious, but hear me out. I think they are becoming almost as acceptable as jewelry, and therefore highly office/life/horrified mom appropriate. Again, it depends what you get, but they can be beautiful little additions to your digits. And, in a pinch, easily covered up with rings.

5. Sneakily On The Side Boob

A lot of celebrities are rocking the side boob tattoo, with Miley Cyrus being a good example yet again. The thing about side boob tattoos is they are smokin' hot, but also hidden by clothes 99 percent of the time, making them super discreet, as noted on Tattoos.com. That leaves you with the freedom get office appropriate, while also looking super awesome on the beach, or in low-cut tank tops. Yay for options!

6. Undercover On Your Ankle

The foot is the prime place for secretive tattoos. Most people put them on the top of the foot, while a braver few go for the bottom. (I personally can't imagine how ticklish/painful those must be.) But if you want something a little more unique, consider the inner ankle. Not only are these incredibly private; they're also super cute. And obviously, very easily covered up with socks or tights.

Choosing a tattoo is an immensely personal thing. The design, the location, the meaning — it's all up to you! But if you want to keep it to yourself, or hide it away from prying eyes, then think about some of these subtle locations. And then, of course, enjoy your ink.

Images: Pexels