John Stamos Takes Over Netflix On April Fools' Day For A Prank 'Full House' Fans Will Love

You can admit it. Ever since your childhood crush on Uncle Jesse, you've kept solid tabs on a certain beautiful, ageless Greek man. Well, I have some good news for you: there are a slew of new John Stamos Netflix categories that give us an exclusive look at the actors' taste. And here you thought that his presence on the streaming service began and ended with Netflix's Full House sequel Fuller House . Nope, you can now be adequately prepared for a Stamos and Chill night.

... April Fools'? Well, OK, kinda. Clearly Netflix hasn't lost its mind and let Stamos co-opt the entire website, blessing it with his impeccable taste. It's simply an elaborate April Fools' joke that's popping into people's feeds, probably foreshadowed by a post on Stamos's Instagram that teased an uncoming Netflix project. In fact, Netflix has even taken it to the next level by releasing a "trailer" for a new documentary series: John Stamos: Human, Being. It looks like the series would focus on the true identity of America's Sweetheart Stamos (teenage heartthrob, worldwide brand, bad boy, good guy et al) and is slated to debut April 31... a date which does not actually exist. Womp, womp.

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But, it doesn't mean that these categories aren't legit and worth a double-take. After all, what if Stamos shows up at your door one day and you're not sure what movie to put on? Don't worry, friends, I got you covered. For your own records, these are a handful of Stamos-approved categories you may come across if you embark on any marathon-watching adventures after work.

Popular Like John Stamos Was In High School


I would believe that Stamos had a Breaking Bad-level of mass appeal in his teens. It had to be that hair.

Dramas That Make John Stamos Feel Emotions


The best part about this is that Twilight: Breaking Dawn is solidly on that list. A common misconception is that Stamos is Team Edward, but Taylor Lautner is really his man.

Horror Movies That Give John Stamos The Heebie-Jeebies


Put one of these on if you're looking to get all snuggly and you know, never sleep again.

Independent Films Starring Actors Less Rich And Famous Than John Stamos


I mean, Stamos's net worth is a projected $40 million, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that encompasses most actors in your everyday indie films (that is, leaving the Garden States and 500 Days of Summers of the genre aside.)

Action & Adventure John Stamos Enjoys With His Bros


You may not be able to get in on said action here, but this is perfect for when he invites the other Full House dads over.

TV Comedies That Manage To Be Funny Even When John Stamos Isn't In Them


This is hysterical in itself, because we all know the late '80s antics of Full House are peak hilarity, and nothing has come close ever since. Nothing. Not a thing.

Continue Watching With John Stamos


Sigh. If only we could be so lucky. In any case, make sure to swing by Netflix on April Fools', and perhaps you'll get a peak at all of Stamos's favorite picks.

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